My sexy goth cousins

My sexy younger cousin stoped by my house last week . She was dressed in goth . She had her belly showing and her nipples was showing. And her skirt was so short I could see her underwear was black . She was setting on my .and I kissed her . She smiled and layed back on my bed . Minutes later I was in her . She felt so good . She started crying about being raped by her one cousins . So I stopped and asked if she was ok . She smiled and sed harder faster . She kissed me and sed ruffer so I started f****** again . I put my hands around her neck . She couldn't get enough after that

Jan 29, 2020

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  • Young goth girls f*** well anytime and anywhere. I love to f*** them in the open during and after a concert at night....

  • ANY young girl

  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • I'm a 3 piece suit, 50 year old venture capitalist, with stupid money. I can never use it all up. I'm also a s** addict and always h**** and hard.

    I met these two Goth girls at JFK airport one was 19 the other 20. They come last summer to NYC for metal concerts. Long story short, I picked them both up and when to my penthouse, met by the butler at the door. That night I f***** them like dogs. They asked to stayed for the week as they had no hotel lined up. I said yes.

    They never got to their concerts and I didn't go to the office for a week. We just f*****, sucked and came the whole time. They are remarkable in bed and completely bi.

    They are still here, they never return to LA. We live a open 3some life style and it is great. Non stop s** and I believe they both really love me. I love them.

    I gave them each a million dollars no strings attached, and they are still here. I must be really our love and l***.

  • I think you must be the luckiest guy in the whole world and i' m happy you found what is obviously true love. Congratulations on your amazing relationships. Please keep us all posted on how things are going.

  • Yes, please, we all want to know more. You've already done and are continuing to do something that is incredibly exciting and amazing and adnirable, so yes, PLEASE give us more of the 411. You're a hero!

  • One of the babysitters my wife and I used for our children became goth starting at 14. My wife automatically assumed that meant she was using drugs and so she stopped using her. I hated that, because her goth look (lots and lots of ink and metal) made me fall in love with her, so started having a affair with her. She eventually dumped me for a younger guy, but she was the one true love of my life, my own goth girl. I really loved her in every way.

  • Goth girls are the best.

  • It's because of all the body art: the makeup and tattoos and piercings. Their bodies are a art gallery. They are super nasty too.

  • It is so true. And they are all sexy. I happened upon a very young one in the men's room at a classy restaurant in the city where I live, and she was on her knees blowing a man who had to be over twice her age. She was the most skilled BJ artist i've ever seen.

  • It's true. They f*** so much better it's unbelievable.

  • Y E S ! ! ! ! F****** a goth girl is a wet dream c** true.

  • Mmmmmmmm nice little bald c****

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