Mom daughter incest and love

Mom is 57, I'm 43. Mom was 14 when I was born. Her uncle had made her pregnant. She never had a teenage life having a child so young.

We lived at my grandmother's house in her room and shared a bed. When I was 8, we became sexual, it started with kissing one night and soon progressed to oral. We never looked back.

When I turned 18 we moved to the west coast and live as a married lesbian couple. When I was 20 we decided to have a baby and I would pickup guys for threesome and let them c** in me. Mom and I enjoyed have a c*** inside but prefer p****. A month later I was pregnant. The father never knew about my daughter.

Mom is the perfect lover. Her body us magnificent and I love the taste of her p****. She gives incredible oral, and loves to tongue f*** my ass.

I am so glad, incest created me, and mom had the courage to starte our marvelous incestuous lesbian love.


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  • Lesbian s** is the supreme dimension of sexuality. One never would understand it unless get well into the act and practice. Some bi females know well what is all about lesbian s**.

  • This is disgusting and reprehensible and criminal. The ONLY saving grace is that it's obviously untrue, being the product of a sick f****** mind.

  • Why is it disgusting?? What's so wrong about a mother and daughter making love?? Open your mind

  • Sound real to me. A cousin of mine and her mother have been involved since she was 16. They are together 30 now.

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