More of THE DAMN GIST Family

The Gist family of South Carolina are freeloaders who live off other people. The Gist family are Betty Ann Gist, Israel Gist, his daughter Samantha Gist, Javant Gist & his wife, Avant, Stanley Lee Gist, Thomas Gist, Frances Booker, Aleathea Booker, and Romeo Gist. These bums do not pay for their upkeep. They are parasites who depend upon others to support them.

The Gist family of South Carolina have been supported for generations. Their lazy ass matriarch Frannie Moore Gist is the queen of the parasites. She never worked in her life. All she did was be a broodmare. She expected a wealthy aunt to financially support her & her brood. This family is irresponsible. Avoid the Gist family-they are a bunch of ungrateful parasites who always want HANDOUTS- may they rot in h***.....



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  • I live in N. Carolina, but I drive down to SC about twice a month to f*** 1 or 2 of the underage Gist girls. The mother is happy to oblige in exchange for my paying some rent or an electric bill here and there. All the girls, no matter the ages, are always DTF, and the mother will usually accommodate too. They are a total mess, I admit, but hey, p**** is p****, am I right?

  • Yes we've heard. Please make a habit of saturating this site with more BS very few people care about. Everyones doing it

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