My friends moms panties

When i was about 14 i would spend a lot of time at a friend from schools house. i couldnt stand him i just went to his house because his mom was so f****** sexy! and i wanted to be around her.
she was a attorney and she would always wear tight skirts, pantyhose and very high heels. she had a incredible body. one day i went into the bathroom and his mom and hung her pantyhose from the shower curtain and i couldnt help myself. i had to give them a sniff. the crotch smelled pretty funky and it got me rock hard. before i went home that day i stole the pantyhose. i never heard a word about it.
a few weeks later im at the house again and i was able to go in her bedroom while my friend was using the bathroom. this time i took every pair of panties she had. i unlocked the window and opened it a little bit and placed a pair of underwear on the ground outside the window.
a few days later there was a article in the paper about a house being broken into and the only thing missing was her underwear. i was never caught for that.
the next time i saw her i said i heard all of your underwear were stolen.then she really caught me off guard. she said after you stole my pantyhose i thought it was you that stole my panties. then when the cops found them outside they thought someone broke in. i stole a total of 32 pairs of her panties. most were thongs and bikini style. to this day i still have a few pairs

Feb 1, 2020

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  • An attorney was just cool like that I'd be scared of it

  • Used to find my cousins school panties with thick c** stains and alway couple of black curly pubic hair.mmm

  • Wow u where lucky

  • Did you get to f*** her?

  • Did she have any with p**** hair or skid marks?

  • No skid marks. i am pretty sure she shaved her p****

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