Belly f****** Mom

Mom is 56 and I'm 40. We have been in an incestuous relationship since I was 13. Mom is 5 feet tall and 200 lbs has nice t*** and a large belly. We have done many sexual kinky thing together, from a***, swingers clubs, 3somes MFM and MFF. We f*** and suck alot always bareback. When I was 18, she got pregnant and we gave a beautiful girl Kelly who has a sexy thick body like Mom's.

But the kinkyest thing mom get off on is her laying on her back and me kneeling by her side. I hold my c*** between her fat rolls and f*** her belly as I m********* her. She c** incredibly hard, she almost passes out sometime. I also c** hard as this is the first sexual thing she did with me at 13. Even if I j*** off I think about f****** her belly. Truthfully f****** Mom's belly rolls feels better than her p****. She'll leave my c** on her belly as her love the feeling.

As a young girl she was fat and at 9 her father started with her by doing the same thing. In time her belly became her biggest s** organ. That explained to me as a young boy I would spy on her in her bedroom a would see many times her naked on her bed and her father f****** her belly and masturbating mom.

Last year mom confessed she got pregnant by her dad and they had me. And that she believes incestuous love is the perfect way for a man and his mother or a girl and her father to live and love together. On her 19 birthday our daughter started joining us. She hypersexual, but really gets off from me belly f****** her as Mom eats her p****.

Kelly has been begging us to get her pregnant, she is 100% into incestuous daughter/mother/father loving.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • Hi not sure about the belly thing but it works for you. I too am in a sexual relationship with my mum and we have enjoyed it when I've c** on her t***. We have an amazing s** life.

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