Mom was a raped hero.

I was 14 when my mom was in the newspaper as a hero. She was a bank teller and when it got robbed, the men wanted to take a younger woman as a hostage with them. My mom told them to take her, not the young unmarried girl and they did. Everyone thought she was dead. People were looking for her body but a few days later she called from another state and came home.
One night after that dad was at work when a man reporter said he wanted to write a book about her experience and said he wanted all the details and it would take several days. He said she would get some part of the money from the book sales and we needed money so she agreed.
I got to listen to the beginning but she made me leave when she got to the part about them taking her with them.
I went to my room but it was next to where they were and I could hear her with my ear to the wall.
That’s when I found out those men, three robbers, put her in the back seat with one and they made her lay down and he laid on her so it would only look like two men in the car.
She said that man had Roman hands and Russian fingers. I thought that was a description to help catch him but I found out later what it really means.
The reporter asked if he kissed her and she said he did and did he take her clothes off and she said he did and he took his clothes off too.
I didn’t know that had happened before then.

Reporter asked if he raped her and she said yes For probably a half hour. When he was done she said, they pulled over and he switched places with the driver. And about a half hour later they pulled over in a field where they all peed. Then the third man got in and raped her.
They stayed at a motel that night and she said all the men raped her again and again. And every night for the next three nights she was raped by them sometimes two or three of them at the same time.

Reporter asked if she liked it and she asked would it be a bad thing if she did. He said it wouldn’t and it would sell more books and make more money if she did like it. She said she didn’t like the first man at first but he was nice to her and she said he promised to give her a lot of the money if she gave them a good time. Then the other two guys said that was right so she did give them a good time. She said she did enjoy it a lot and they told her they told her family she was ok so she didn’t have to worry about anything.

But they had not told us she was ok. We thought she was dead. And we never got any money from them, that I ever heard about.

The reporter wanted more detail on what she had to do and she said she did things she had heard of but never had done. He asked if they put their p**** in her mouth and she said yes, and in her other places too. So he wanted her to describe in detail everything and could she show him how she did it.
They were quite a long time so I went to see and they were gone. I snook to her bedroom door and it was shut and I could hear them there. I knew she must have been showing him what they did and she was making sounds like they were hitting her because she kept grunting and gasping and I felt really bad for her having them hurt her like that but then she said, oh yes, just like that. That’s right do it just like that.
And she screamed real loud and it sounded like the reporter was still hitting her and wouldn’t stop because he was grunting and I could hear him hitting her real fast so I went in to stop him. I’d never seen two naked people connected together like that before.

I yelled at him to stop hitting my mom and she yelled back at me that it was ok, it was ok. She just kept telling me it was ok so I thought she liked to get hit and then I thought she probably didn’t mind being a hostage after all.
That reporter came back at night for a long time and getting more detail for his book. I never did hear what the name of the book was or how much money she got for it.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • Your mom is a hero! I for one am jealous. It would be amazing to be held hostage and raped like like.

    I also think it would be amazing to find someone to share it with and relive the event.

    I bet she kept telling the reporter “harder, harder, faster, faster! F*** me harder!”

    Oh gosh now my panties are wet!

  • Three robbers broke into my wife’s office when only her boss and herself were in. They forced them to disrobe to their undies and locked them up in the coats closet.

  • I bet the robbers fu cked her and then the boss did too. Did you ever think of that?
    In fact, that might be the case I heard about where the boss hired the men to act like robbers so they could all fu ck the pretty mommy that worked there.
    Did you ever get to see her fu ck?

  • Your mother did the right thing. If she hadn’t cooperated with those men she may have been beaten or murdered. Under the circumstances, she did the best thing possible. Give them what they want and be nice to them and that’s the best chance you’ll have of surviving.
    And what she did with the reporter, well she just wanted to make sure he had the details correct. Too bad you don’t have a copy of that book.

  • Well, son, I reckon someone paid yer momma a token of their of their affection.

  • I sure would have liked a lot of money better than their token of affection, whatever that was worth. We were really poor and still are. mom just says she got screwed by everyone that said they was going to give her money and shed shoot them if she ever sees them again. I told her to make them give the money first before she shoots them.
    We even talked about robbing the bank ourselfs but that was before they had safety things like they have now so we couldn’t get away like they did then.

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