B******* from father in law. Now love him.

I love my wife, but for the last 2 years since the night before the wedding, my father in law has been blowing me and swallowing.

He came over the night before the wedding and both of us drank alot, but he got smashed. At some point he started crying saying he loved his wife and daughter, but hated his life because he was gay and afraid to come out. Then he begged to suck my c*** and it had been so long since he tastes c**.

I gave in and he blow me. To be honest it was the best head I ever had. His daughter (my wife) is nothing compared to him. Since then we meet every day for a session. I've also been ass f****** him several times a month.

We go hunting or fishing in the mountains one weekend a month, but it actually a f*** and suckaton. My c*** hurts for days after that as I c** so much.

My wife is undersexed so my father in law is satisfying my needs. I prefer his mouth and ass to my wife's mouth and p****.

We are in love and we both want to be together, but it will destroy everyone.

I don't know what to do. His mouth is like a vacuum.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence. That said, just be happy with what you have and by no means whatsoever do you tell anyone else!

  • At 40 years old I was a virgin. I'm only 5 feet tall and small framed and very feminine looking. I have never been sexual with a man or woman. But last summer my 16 year old nephew, who is gay. Said I saw you looking at me, I know you want my c***. I said no I'm not gay. But he stripped in front of me. His c*** was huge and hard. He got closer and said, I know you want it, suck it.

    I felt his hand on my shoulder. He is very strong and I was on my knees. His c*** pressed against my lips. I said please no. I'm not gay. This is incest. But his hand was on the back of my head and pulled me to his c***. It entered my mouth. The then orally raped me and 15 minutes later came in my mouth and made me swallow.

    Since that day, 5 years ago I have been his b****. Almost daily I have to strip, lube my ass and he uses me orally and anally. Most days it nothing more than rape. He force f**** me. I'm disgusted with myself, I willingly do it and c** every time he ass f**** me.

    I live for his c***. And being raped by him. Why do I love it so much. I don't want to be gay. I don't want to have incest s** with him. But my c*** gets hard seeing him nude and thinking of being raped.

  • I was 15 when I asked a cute brown eyed girl to the show. My mom drove us and her dad was to pick us up. We kissed and petted each other like two puppies. I was so shy and she was the aggresive of us two. I had cutoffs on and her hand playing with the leg band of my underpants was so like s** that I had to reciprocate and nervously fondled her satin innocence that were so moist and soft. As far as we were concerned we had had s**. I'd squirted in my thick cotton underpants and she did similar in her delicate lace yellow panties.
    Her father pulled up in the large Cadillac and we jumped in the back. I stuck out my hand and said I'm Jackie. That's when I realized that he was the guy who f#cked me in his office two days before and gave me a handful of twenties like he'd done numerous times before.

  • Just keep doing what you are doing. Don't wreak a good thing.

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