Nude beach

I love going to the nude beach. I’m a single 27 year old male. With the exception of my head, I’m completely hairless and like showing off on the beach. One day last summer I went there mid morning and three ladies in their 40’s that I hadn’t seen there before were sitting next next to each other. I laid my towel out close by and in front of them so they could watch me. Nonchalantly facing them, I dropped my shorts first and then pulled my shirt off over my head. They looked amused by my bald genitals. I gave them a casual smile and said good morning, they responded in kind and all took a good look. I laid down on my back with my arms folded under my head and closed my eyes. I was on full display with my p**** laying to my left side basically pointing towards them. After a few moments I could hear them talking quietly and an occasional giggle. I could feel them looking at me which aroused me. I slowly began getting an erection when I heard one say Oh my god ! I laid there getting harder and harder until I was fully erect. It was such a turn on for me to have them see me. After a few minutes of that I got up and walked down to the end of the beach a couple hundred feet away and sat on a log. Looking back towards them I saw two younger women walking in my direction past them and my towel. Still fully erect, I got up and began walking back. As got closer To each other they noticed my full erection and nearly broke out laughing in disbelief. As I got closer to my towel those ladies eyes were fixed on me. I laid back down on my back slightly thrust my hips up to enhance my erection. After a few minutes it began to soften. I spent the whole day there occasionally walking the beach semi erect for all to look at. I love the attention.

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