My cousin raped me

About a year ago, I was sexually assaulted by my cousin. I have 6 male cousins by the same mother and father and they came over for Christmas, they live in Nevada and we live in California so they obviously stayed a few nights, and at the time I was 13 and I am now 14 im homeschooled and have been since third grade so I don't really pick up on sexual signs. it was the second night they were staying and they were leaving the next day, so we all decided to pull an allnighter, my dad is really REALLY overprotective so he never let us do fun things like this, I was very excited to be able to do this with my cousins and i have always hung out and clicked with guys more even strangers so my friendliness gets taken the wrong way most of the time (it makes having guy friend a lot harder) and I hope you guys know I never asked him to advance on me. but as I said before I have 6 male cousins and im going to name them.
(The oldest is a girl, and that's the seventh.) Jessica-24(dead committed suicide)
Noah-20(single, unemployed)Kaleb-19(gay, in a relationship, has a nice job)Trevor-17(the one that assaulted me, single, does drugs)Aaron-14(single, unemployed, does drugs, lazy)Bradon-11, Hunter-6.
and btw they all vape except for the two last ones and they all play football for the Nevada wolves. so back to the story lol sorry it's kinda long but anyway...when we decided on the movies and all-nighter I went upstairs to change into something more comfortable, but you remember how I said i am homeschooled and no one in my family has ever acted like this to me, so what I picked to wear was a pair of black gym booty shorts and a hoodie but I don't normally wear shirts under I didn't put one on, and I grabbed my blanket that I had got for Christmas from my dad and ran downstairs found a spot on the couch and we started to look at movies and then Trevor walked in and sat right next to me I thought nothing of it because we were cousins and i cuddle with my twin sister all the time. but as the movie progressed he got touchy and I was trying to ignore t and play games on my phone but my heart was racing and my breath was heavy and I think he picked up on that so he went further. and he started playing with my hand and touching me with his other hand but I was paralyzed and shocked bc im a very kinda sheltered by my parents and the fact that im homeschooled so I was crazy shocked just sitting there and my mind was going crazy because I think i liked it even if I don't want to admit that I do because I know its very wrong but soon his hand slipped down my shorts and found some very sensitive spots...but then he had my hand and was trying to get me to touch him in is area, I was terrified and the main things going on in my mind where "he's my cousin I can't do this" and "I HAVE to get up and stop this" but he stuck a finger inside and I moaned and squirmed but the movie volume was up and it was dark nobody could see what was going on. I tried to scooch away from him and i pulled my hand away but he was WAYYYY stronger than me (he is a football player and has been in wrestling for 8 years) and I know that that was not an excuse, and I was wrong and many people will tell me that I should have let him F**k me but that's just not right and incest is illegal so people should probably not say things like that but I also know that everyone has their own opinion so yeah that's my story and he kept going but I still don't feel comfortable saying that and I haven't told anyone and i also haven't seen him since but he's going to turn 18 and hang out here more so im sure there will be more things and ill have to deal with them but it feels nice to be able to say this.
(please go easy on me in the comments bc I've seen awful comments on some stories like mine and that's not fair to tell these girls to just put up with this kind of stuff and these boys are wrong)

Feb 6, 2020

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  • I think you might have been born out of incest considering the fact you don't know the difference between rape and being sexually molested. You were not raped honey. Stop trying to play the blame game. Pick up a book and read because you write like a 3rd grader. I guess mommy and daddy were too busy being hoes instead of teaching you

  • And honestly, You're so full of s*** the toilets getting jealous. You can't say s*** when you don't know s***, so you need to go and take a walk, maybe assess your life a little, figure out what's so wrong with it that you need to hide behind a screen, and put all of your energy into online bullying! If you don't know me or my family you don't have a leg to stand on. Insults say a whole lot about you not the person you're trying to bring down, and I'd say my parents did a f*** better job than yours clearly, you gave that fact away sis.

  • Awwww the effort you put into this! Look honey if I wanted to hear from an a******, I'd fart. You must be having a really hard life to put this much time into an insult that I could give a s*** less about. I can't stop thinking about how you tried so hard to put your entire vocabulary into a paragraph XD it's so silly! But thank you for telling me you have nothing better to do with your life, Love you too b****!!!

  • Since you gave TMI, with names and location, I believe you. Avoid them from now on and make it clear you won’t be so nice about it next time.

  • Thank you, I posted this for other people to understand that not all girls are open to this kind of stuff and all girls aren't all just b****** in heat. thank you to all the people who support me and took the time to read this none of this is bullshit and if you don't believe it or like it then don't read it but if anyone has gone through something like this you can always dm me or follow my insta @0Xx_ITSkiley_xX0. Im also sorry if I offended anyone but this is my story and i don't think anyone gets to talk s*** about any of my family members bc I didn't want this and I have seen some pretty messed up comments on some of these stories and its just f****** wrong, so don't just spill gross ass s*** to people who are traumatized rape messes with the mind not just the body.

  • S** should ALWAYS be consensual and it is tape if it isn't.

  • * rape

  • If u don't want it tell him no or tell someone one get help call 911 if u have to . If u do want it don't let people tell u is Rong get what u want and just remember the comment on her r from ass holes with no life so they won't to make everyone else suffer so they feel better about there one life if u need some one to talk to message me

  • Your homeschooling isn’t working out. Public school third graders write better than you.
    20 to 6 years old and they all play football for the Nevada Wolves? What kind of BS is that? If they did, all of them would have banged your ass and face.
    Where was your twin during all of this? Was she getting more action from the other 5 brothers? Three plugged in and one in each hand?

  • Okay, and everyone is allowed to comment and have their own opinions about this. I believe you mean third graders have better "grammar", not better writing, and how dare you talk about my twin sister. And what the h*** do all cousins and brothers rape their relatives is this just a common thing? also, homeschooling is working just fine im going to graduate early and even go into the military, plus yes they did in fact all play for the Nevada wolves look them up their last name is Denson so go-ahead

  • Nice comeback m'lady

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