A Slave to L***

My husband and I went steady two years in high school and were married after three years of college. It wasn’t until we were married that men started noticing me. That was nine months ago.
My husband always said I was beautiful to him but I know I was plain. My figure was the only thing above average for me but I never dressed in-style or alluring, until I was married. We received generous financial gifs and my husband bought me a whole new wardrobe. And he picked things I never would have looked at.

I was surprised how much a difference it made in my appearance and my personality. I felt attractive and had more confidence. Suddenly men were looking at me. And approaching me for conversation or to help with trivial things that no one ever noticed I could use help with before.

It went to my head fast and I didn’t know how to handle it. I think he was the fourth man that offered to help me carry some things up to my apartment after shopping one day, I felt like I was being rude to keep turning them down so when he asked, and I saw how attractive he was, I said yes.
As soon as we were inside my apartment, it was like someone spilled Love Potion Number 9 all over me. I was so turned-on I was instantly thinking how could I seduce him, because I’ve never done that before.

As I stood there lost in thought, he said “you smell good”. I swooned. Next thing I know, My arms are around his neck and my b****** are pressed against his chest. His hands are everywhere on my body and all I can think of is kissing him all over, naked.
And it seemed like my Dream happened that fast. I couldn’t remember removing any clothes, or walking to the bedroom. My next conscious memory was of my mouth feeling his pen’is as my head lowered and I took it all the way in. It was only then that I realized I was in my and my husband’s bed, and my hand was massaging his testicles as my mouth made love to the parts of a man I had only seen on my husband. I had never done this before.
As I lowered my body onto his phallus and felt his hands fondling my b******, I wanted this moment to last forever.

In the back of my mind I knew I had already orgas’med several times and I remembered the feel of his mouth and his hot breath on a place I’ve never felt that before. I remembered the intenseness of feelings I’d never experienced and realized I lost most of my consciousness and I was on autopilot.
That was three weeks after my marriage and the first of more than twenty men I’ve had s** with since then.
I see no end in sight and no way to quench my l*** addiction. I only want more every time.

Feb 7, 2020

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  • I want my wife to do this!!!!

  • Cheating w****

  • Scum, your husband should kick you to the curb with nothing. You take your husbands kindness and love and crap on it. You are just filth.

  • Butterflies come to pretty flowers.

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