Best S** Ever

I had a girlfriend a few years ago that was incredible! She loved s** and wanted to do it every chance we got. We would have s** five or six times in one day when I would go to see her.
She was raped when she was 10 years old....a totally terrible experience....and I hate that she had to go through it. She has very bad feelings about it, and I feel sorry for her. But, it made her into a crazy s** machine.
She loved me to handcuff her (with real handcuffs, not those fake things at the s** shops). I would shackle her ankles....she loved the feeling of being helpless! She wanted me to tie her to the roof, and cut off her clothes with a knife. OMG....she would be soaking wet after she was naked. I would f*** her in the garage on the hood of the car.....on the dirty floor....outside in the yard....The more dirty or risky it was, the more she liked it. She even got naked on a road trip and sucked my boy as we traveled.
We got more and more into it, we climbed the fence of the swimming pool in a hotel we were staying in and had s** in the pool.....
She loved me to spank her and "make" her suck my boy....
I would chain her to a hook in the ceiling and make her c** while eating her.
I then bought a Hitachi magic wand. I would put a d**** in her tail and one in her girl....all while being handcuffed and shackled and sit her up against the headboard of the bed. I would put my boy in her mouth and make her suck me while I made her put the magic wand on her c***. She would come over and over and record was ten times.
Afterward I would push into her girl holding her down on the bed, or push into her tail while she was handcuffed with my hand over her mouth.
When not having s**, she was a little crazy/possessive, so it only lasted around three years, but I can never forget the incredible s** we had during that time. Lol....I do miss that s** crazed angry young woman.

Feb 8, 2020

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  • Should of made her do p*** with you. You could of made so much money with a w**** like that

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