Remote s**

I have slowly built up a relationship with another male on a site.. He is not over tech Savy and I have had to tech him lots...

I was married a long time and now divorced... what I found was when posting myself naked was that men loved me... so eventually I performed for them on line.. this particulate guy and I have formed a relationship... we call it having s** but as you know its not physical... I am his Girl in this.. I also use Team Viewer with him and he has complete access to my laptop.. When I am not around he can access it ... I have a dropbox site were all my pictures are.. I also leave open my real profiles... In the dropbox is a pass word and user document with links...He has complete access to my dropbox as I have shared it with him

I enjoy this relationship

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  • I once had a friend who allowed me to remotely access his computer files. I was able to see all the unedited photos of his naked wife. Legs open, showing her face - happy days.

  • That’s great. Have you ever met him.

  • I'm an older, very sexual, married man who hasn't had s** for years - long story. I'd love to find someone like you.

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