I have a fantasy about having s** with my uncle?

I'm 19, hes nearly 40 but for a while about a couple years, I've had this fantasy. Thinking about actually doing it is a bit weird but on the flip side, if we could without anyone ever knowing/finding out- i would, honestly. Is this normal?

Feb 10, 2020

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  • Yes it's 100% normal

  • I'm torn by my relationship with my nephew Jay. I'm 39, he's 20 now we have been sexual for 5 years. We were always close, Jay is very feminine has long hair and is pretty and his/her ass is so sexy. My brother hated him for looking and acting fem. My brother is a drunk and absent most of the time, from Jay's life.

    Jay simply got in the shower one morning. And kissed me, I tried to stop him/her, but Jay started crying. And begged me to be with him. He said he was a virgin and had never been with anyone or kissed someone.

    He said he was afraid of a***, but knew I loved him and would make love to him so gently. He said he has dreamed of being with me and being a girl for me.

    I picked him up and carried him to my bed and made slow and sensual love to him. He came as I sodomized him and I had the most powerful o****** of my life. I had never been with a guy before either. So I guess we were both virgins.

    Three years have passed I love Jay completely. Our s** life is incredible. He is a full time crossdresser now, and only has girl clothes. We openly date and vacation together.

    My brother disowned us. But who cares.
    I know incest is not seen as good, but I have never loved like this.

    Jay wants to have b**** now, to be a real girl. To me she is a girl, who happens to have a c***.

  • What's normal for one person may not be normal for another. If you are sexually attracted to your Uncle, then you should see if he is interested and if he is then go for it. Before you try to bed your Uncle make sure that you are on birth control so you can both have s** safety.

  • It is normal to have those thoughts but only act on it if you can handle the consequences if someone finds out.

  • So mind-blowing s** is worth going to h*** for? That's what the Bible says. Eternity is a long time to be wrong. What pleasure/sin for 50 years is worth eternal torment?

  • He who is without sin. Let them cast the first stone.

  • Yes. I was your age when I started hooking up with my uncle (mom's brother). It 15 years now and the s** is mind blowing. Uncle Ray f**** like a machine. He 45 now.

    Just use protection, we never did, I have two kids with him. He loves those girls to death.

    I'm sure everyone in the family knows, as we live together. They just don't say anything.

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