H**** daddy's girl 😋

Hi I'm a 12 y old girl . My mom left us about 4 years ago . I have Ben helping daddy to take care of my little sister . Last night my daddy had been drinking . So I put little sis to bed . I sat down next to daddy and I had been watching p*** so I know what I want him to do to me . So I kiss him . He smiled and we locked lips . Thin his fingers was in me . I was ready for him . But thin he passed out drunk . Leaving me all wet 😭 . I'm going to try and get him to finish soon . Any one got any ideas I should try .


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  • Be sure your sin will find you out.

  • Pedos should get the death penalty. But we know it's you stand on the train tracks and wait

  • That sounds like hate mail u r so full of hat put down the keyboard and get f***** if u even can

  • Should have put him in lil sisters bed he would have wanted her tight toddlerpussy so bad he would have stayed awake

  • You are a sickfucking incest loving pedo you should be put to death

  • This was written by an unemployed middle aged man who's tired of being drunk on generic beer at 10 AM. Guaranteed.

  • And how can you guarantee this?

  • Yes we can just read his posts you will see the same spelling and grammar mistakes. I tell him to stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • Because it is him!

  • And where is your proof?

  • It is in his writing and I am not telling how we know because thin he will know.

  • Does being an a****** come natural or do you work at it?

  • I'm not the one who posted it first off and second off I'm not an a****** I'm an ex-mercenary would you like to continue being an ass?

  • WTF is your purpose ?

  • Try again and again. Better when he is not drunk, show him your little t*** and shiny p**** and kiss him deep.

  • Nicer no t*** and bald

  • Let me come over and take care of lil sis

  • Ya stop your trolling

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