My damn mother

For Christmas, one of my mom's rich sleazy boyfriends got her new and bigger implants. They are so huge that they are just obscene, and she loves to show them off. I'm a 15yo guy in high school, and all of my guy friends are going just apeshit over her new t***, and now they all want to get with her and their trying to hook it up with her. She likes to f*** a lot and she goes out with young guys sometimes, although her main boyfriends are usually in their 40s or 50s and their usually married. But when she plays for fun, she goes young. I'm scared to death that she will hook up with a friend of mine and I'll never hear the end of it. I could even have to change schools. She dressses like a stripper ALL THE TIME, and she can w**** it up if she wants a particular d***. If she wants a particular d***, she can get it. If she goes for a friend of mine, I may have to kill myself.

Feb 13, 2020

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  • You are upset because your moms boyfriend got her a b*** job and now she gets all the attention and no one is looking at you..Well go talk to her boyfriend and I bet that if you can be as good of a w**** than your mother then he will pay to have you turned into a girl too. Isnt that what you want ??to dress slutty and suck big hard c**** ??I bet you love getting on your hands and knees and have some h**** man f*** your tight sissy ass hard huh ?? I liked to be tied up and have the men get rough with me. I begged to be tied up so it was my fault when they gang raped me .

  • .
    just wait 3 more years till you done with school .

    Then do your own stuff, you can go where ever you want.
    3 years will fly by fast , dont worry. ( even if in some situations it seems as eternity cause it is shamefull or anoying or boring)
    So just try to ignor what she do , and ognore those guys who want hook her up.
    They are all one type of people.
    And they not deserve your attention. They can do therir own stuff, you will do your own stuff.
    And try to find other people / friends. Those so called " friends" are not .

    Concentrate on School. education, Healthy food Vitamin D,Proteins,fresh Vegitables, Butter, Eggs ( no sugar, ,no alkohol)Vitamin D important ,sport and getting aroud with people who are matching you. Means respecting or atleast friendly.

    surround yourself with people who have same goals/aims in life. Or who act like you ho are similar to you.
    it all will be fine.

    just 3 more years my friend .



  • Your momm sounds great. Please post her name, phone number, and email address. I want to get on that, and I promise to treat her real good.

  • Yeah . . . . you should have expected this: Every reader will wanna take a ride

  • There are no surprises in matters involving the female of our species. They are all whores. So it's no surprise when they act like whores. You should go ahead and operate on the assumption that your w**** mother will soon sleep with all your friends. In fact, you should make some money off of it by pimping her to them.

  • Heck yes, kid. Take photos and make videos of her with you and your friends. Charge them for doing her and sell the media for big bucks. You know what people will pay for real mother videos? Do it while you can and enjoy the memories and the money.

  • Tell her damn mom that the implants have side effects and massaging her b**** with pressure by her bf could damage the shape and longevity of their size. And with her growing age they will sag to rag!

  • This^ is just pure b.s. the massages will only help preserve the donsistency of the tissue, so long as it isn't overdone. And massaging his s**** into the skin will be beneficial, as well. Your mother already knows all this. Every woman blessed by an augmentation paid for by someone else's husband --- like your mother AND ME --- knows all that is true.

  • You can't help it if buyout mom is such a who're but at least she is a glamorous one . consider yourself lucky ythat she is as. high class ad she is. But I agree with the oother fellow that said you should be doing her yourself. Please stop wasting your time and get on that b****. She wants you on her.

  • Yeah, tell us her new cup size. Also, what color is her hair? And how long is it??? How tall is she? Thin or heavy? Does she smoke? Does she wear lots of high heels? Stockings? Big hoop earrings??

  • Have you felt her new tots yet?

    How big are they?

    Does she have any tattoos?

    I really love women with big t*** who have lots and lots and lots of tattoos. Does your mom do any p***? What name does she use when she does p*****? Do you watch her p*****? Do you act in any of them? I hope your mom is like Arianna LaBarbara who does lots of mother-son incest p*****. She is the best.

  • You need to start f****** her yourself so she dontfuck anymore of your bros.

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