Sexy lady at the court house

A few days ago i had to attend a court hearing and while im sitting waiting i was checking out the crazy amount of sexy woman that work there, i have a thing for women in skirts, dresses and heels. this one in particular wore a skin tight black skirt a few inches above the knee she also had on black stockings with a seem up the back and her heels must have been at least 5 inches and she had a great pair of legs. a short time later i saw her again and couldnt help myself. i went into the bathroom and stood at the urinal and stroked my hard c*** until about a half gallon of nut shot out of me like a rocket, splattered all over the back of the urinal and it was hanging on for dear life when i tried to flush it down. i said f*** it and left it there for the n***** janitor to deal with


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  • I've done many depositions for my job, and had one in an attorney's office that made me do the same. The court reporter was a gorgeous woman with long, auburn hair that framed her beautiful face, very short, tight skirt that the guys in the room traded "guy looks" about, a fit and tight body, great smile, and, not frequent for a court reporter, long, red-polished nails, which are my personal fetish. My eyes were glued to her the entire time, and during my own testimony, I looked at her instead of the attorneys.

    We took one break 2 hours in, and she and I were the last ones in the room as the others left. She leaned over a chair, making her skirt go up higher, and her nails tapped on the table. Between her beautiful face, hot body, ass, and nails, I couldn't take anymore. Went to the men's room (single-person, not big one, so I was alone with the door closed), and just had to take care of my thoughts about her. I did so, spewed a good bunch into the toilet, flushed, and cleaned myself up before returning to the room, notably more relaxed and happy. We went on another 2 hours, and by then, I had to stop off at the men's room again before leaving.

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