Road trip sister sexy

My parents decided we was going on a long road trip . We have a SUV we have a air up bed in the back . It was night win we left . My parents told me and my little sister to sleep on the way . So my little sister got in first as she was getting in bed she stopped to adjust her skirt she lifted it far enough I seen she doesn't have on underwear. She covered up thin I got in . Thin I got in and covered up there was only one cover so we was sharing it . Wen the car was moving she moved over to me . She wispered in my ear that she was bored . Thin she bumped me with her but . I put my arm around her . A minute later she gave a monne and bumped me again with her but. I grabbed her by the neck and twisted her around and kisses her on the mouth she shoved her Tung in to my mouth. We kiss awhile . As I released her neck she said yes now so I slipped my hand between her legs she moved her leg to make more room . As soon I I touched her I could feel she was wet but I fingered her for long time . She said she needs my d*** in her now . She thin said please don't hurt me it's her first time . I kiss her again and lifted her on top of me . She started to set up on my lap I grabbed her polling her back down and wispered in her ear stay blow the seat or mom and dad will see u . I moved her hips in to place and slowly lower her on my d*** . She got a big smile on her face as the tip win in . Thin I felt som presser thin a pop feel she tensed up as tear ran down her face I stopped and ask if she was ok . She nodded . So I let her the rest of the way down . I gave her a minute then start f****** she was so tight I had to go slow and stop often to keep from finishing. At one point my parents stopped for gas . I rolled us over so we was side by side so my parents won't see her on me. I was still deep in her we played asleep will that pump gas . Win they went in to the store I gave her a quick hard f*** . Was morning loud and even cryed my name it was so hard to stop but I knew our parents would be back soon . We slow f***** all night . I Hurd my parents say to each other that we would be there in about 10 minutes . So I kiss her again and pull out of her she gave me a pis off look and said finish I asked u mean c** in u she smiled and nodded yes . I told her she is old enough to get pregnant . She said I know ! Finish ! So I rolled on top of her and started f****** her as hard as I thought I could get away with . She was biting her lip to stay quiet thin she wispered in my ear take me big brother . And I started c****** it just keep going after wat semed like several minutes I had finished . As we layed there ching our breath she kissed me and wispered in my ear that she had fun and we need to do it all the time and she finish up with big brow I got my first period last week . She gave me a list kiss and layed next to me smiling as we pled in the parking lot . She got out first and by the time I got out I could see the sun reflect off my seed running down both her legs it had made it to her socks we win in our hotel room there was only bed sis smiled at me and she said she had to show before we leave . After a bit I told my parents parents I need to s*** so I nocked on the bathroom door and said sis I need to youse the restrooms she replies with the door unlocked so I went in locking the door she had already gotten out of the shower and bent over we did it hard and ruff I gave her a big load after that my nut aked all day can't wait until bed time.


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  • Stand on the tracks and wait

  • Hey I told you in your story Black mailing my sister to get the f*u*c*k out of you moms basement and take her panties off

  • Maybe u could come up with your on if u don't like it u seam to really be in to moms panties maybe u can tell us about what u do with thim

  • Maybe u could come up with your on if u don't like it u seam to really be in to moms panties maybe u can tell us about what u do with thim

    What level of education did you master? You and the OP should take a writing course. But you have to know how to spell. This guy has posted about wearing moms panties. So I have told him to stop and get out of the basement.

  • No wait you are the OP go stand on the tracks. Do my reply's make you mad? Good maybe you will stop posting this fake incest loving pedo posts. And for all that are j e r king off to this c rap I hope this messes up you session.

  • This place is not story land but confessions post. When you confess it is supposed to be true. Not into mom, her panties or children. I don't want daddy or brothers and sisters. Never had incest nothing like that. But I like reading posts here and when they are fake like all your posts are. I call them out.

  • Good story with poor English!!

  • Nicer before they can have a baby they f*** real good

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