I am addicted to j********** in wife's food

This morning I jacked off again in my wife's oatmeal while she was taking a shower and watched her eat it a few mins later . Tonight I am going to play with my d*** in her food for her supper before she gets home from work and c** a big load into it . I am also going to pour some c** I have saved in the freezer over her plate of rice about four loads worth. so she will get an extra helping of my c** . Makes me so hard watching her eat my c** and she has no clue . It is so exciting to watch her eat it and the thrill of doing it is amazing. I almost got caught the other day as she was coming in the front door I was wiping my d*** off in her food where I had just cummed a load , I was in the kitchen when she walked in and wow the thrill of almost getting caught was amazing . I make videos of me j********** into her food while I'm watching p*** Warm foods are best to c** in but I also c** in her yogurt ,applesauce and her salad dressing . Now I'm addicted and don't won't to stop . I couldn't wait any longer to c** in my wife's food so I got up a little earlier this morning and went into the kitchen and made her oatmeal and shoved my d*** in it and begin to f*** it . I was watching lesbian p*** on my phone and when the girls were eating each others p**** out 69 style I cummed the biggest load I have ever cummed . When she got out of the shower and sat down to eat her breakfast I almost cummed again watching her eat it . Now all I want to do is look in the fridge and find food to c** in and serve it to her and watch her eat it. I have cummed a few times in my shorts watching her and I just can't stop . Does anyone else do this if so please comment . Thanks ,

Feb 14, 2020

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  • Absolutely hot, I’ve done it multiple times to the wife and daughters. One night I cut a hole in a cantaloupe then f***** it till I nutted in it. I cut it up and served it with dinner 😈

  • Did it in my nieces food

  • That’s hot

  • Now I need to try this with my wife. What foods are the best to c** in

  • Warm foods are the best such as rice and casseroles . Spaghetti and lasagna is also good to warm up but not to much . I have cummed in my wife’s applesauce , salad dressing and yogurt but it’s not as much fun as c****** in warm foods .

  • I do it all the time... amazing. The best was last Thanksgiving. I cooked for my wife, her sister, and their mom. I jacked off six times and left 2 loads of c** in each of their dessert puddings. I got so hard watching them eat it all up while saying how yummy it was. My wife, my sister in law, and my mother in law all eating my c** at the same time.

  • Oh my that is so hot , I wanna try this .

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