Americans are F****** Idiots

Really, you f****** elect a total racist orange dickwad like Trump who has put your f****** constitution through the shredder, and now you want to replace him with a commie like Bernie Sanders who hasn't accomplished s*** in 40+ years, or act like sheep and support Bloomberg who can open his wallet and plaster the airwaves with commercials to brainwash you into supporting him. What the h*** is wrong with you people? Can someone in that country form a f****** thought on your own?

Maybe it is best that America is well on its way to becoming a totalitarian democracy where your votes don't mean s*** and your politicians are just going to keep f****** you in the ass and locking you up in cages, because you m************ are the most pathetic excuse for a population that the world has ever seen.

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  • I'm America, but I actually hate Trump's f****** guts so much.

  • David Duke for President! #Duke2020

  • I'll take a commie over a fascist.

  • Donnie's both, so this doesn't clear up anything.
    Correction, he's a commie's *girlfriend.* Do you think Vlad ever lets him be the top?

  • Notice the MAGATs aren't arguing your point

  • Totally agree with you mate! 'Murica is on a downhill slide and the loudest and stupidest among them refuse even now to see it. You can tell from the lack of responses. Oh well, chuck these mongoloids a toddler's panties and they're happy for the next six months!

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