School bus s**

Im 17 in hi school . I ride the bus home to save my gas . My bus stopes at midle school and picks up some kids to . There a cute little middle Schooler named megen that sets with me on the bus . She keeps asking me every day if I have a girl friend . About 2 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me so I told her . She smiled at the rest of the way home win she got off she kissed my check . The next day she sat down and she moved my hand to her leg and then flip up her skirt so I could see her pink pants . I moved her to my lap and start rubbing her p**** and kissing her . The next day she didn't have on any pants . So I got my d*** in her she was a great f*** . The first time her charry left a red spot on my pants . We f***** every day . She kept asking me to go on a date with he today I agreed . So tonight I stopped by her house to pick her up . Her mom answer the door I figured she would try to run me off . But she invited me in . She told that megen was getting ready . Thin she told me to make Sher I don't get megen pregnant and handed me a box of condoms . Thin told me that megen had bin a little s*** today and told me to get ruff with her for payback . I told her I would . A couple minutes late megen cam down the stairs . She had on black heals a really short black miney skirt . She had on a sports bar . She was so f****** sexy . Her mom turns to me and said damn if u need f*** her before we leave we can youse the couch with her look like that . We leave and got down the road a bit and plued over on a back road . We got in the back seat . I started to put a condom on and megen told me no she won't the c** and her mom told her not to leat me whare thim so I started without it feels so good . She was so loud win she doesn't have to hold back . After we finish we win out to eat thin the movie we f***** again on the way home . I stopped to drop her off . I was ready to leave win her mom stopped me and told me to to stay the night megen has never been f*** in her own bed . We f***** all night.

Feb 17, 2020

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  • No mother in her right mind would who're her very young daughter out no offence. Tell us a true story not load of bull.

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