Seen having s** with an employee

My most embarrassing moment,

Hi I have to write this, my most embarrassing moment was one day (onWednesday) I was just sitting talking to my daughter Kitrina.
she is 21 now but she was 18 at the time,
she suddenly said to me, "mum how long have you been s******* Richard" now Richard is a carpenter that works for John my husband,
I said "what are you talking about" then she told me that she came home on Monday and you and he was s******* in the hot tub,
she said, you were so engrossed that you didn't even see me or hear me, she also told me she watched me for quite a while before leaving,
She also said she wouldn't tell her dad, it was then that I explained to her that her dad and I were into open s** with other's,
but I said that John may not be happy with me s******* Richard, I also told her that on and off Richard and I had been s******* for
about 3 years,
since that embarrassing time Kitrina and I have had many talks,


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  • My most embarrassing moment was when i was 16! I was never baptized as a baby,so my parents and gran parents had me baptized at sunday morning mass.The baptism dress code for girls 16 and under was a white,poofy,short sleeve,knee length dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and a white tee shirt and cloth diapers and plastic pants under the dress.My parents ordered the dress,bonnet,lace socks and plastic pants from the recommended website and they got the tee shirt,cloth diapers and the mary janes shoes from stores.My dress and bonnet.lace socks and plastic pants came 4 days before my baptism and when we opened up the box and took out my dress it was midthigh length,instead of the knee length! We took it to our parish and showed it to the Baptism director and she said there is no time to exchange it,so i would have to wear it! That sunday morning before mass i was dressed in the outfit and when i was baptized,i bent over to recieve the water on my head,and the dress went up in back and everyone saw the cloth diapers and plastic pants! I was so embarrassed that i just wanted to go and hide!!

  • That is all over the internet. Fake as.

  • I had that at the doorway moment. It was 1 AM and my naked wife was giving her girlfriend's husband a BJ -- while she watched. They had been skinny dipping and it was his birthday. And his wife won't put his big d*** her mouth -- ever, -- and guess who's only too happy take that on. At first I thought she was clowing around with a huge d****. Then when he came his wife spotted her -- holding her head and his d*** to her mouth, saying 'stay with it Jill, you're doing great -- he takes awhile" -- her words made it seem like a first time thing. Next morning I told her I watched -- She said maybe I too much beer, it was his birthday and Judy never sucked his d*** -- the 2 of them talked her into being his birthday present. I won't do that again -- sorry.
    She had told me an old BF was hung like a horse and she liked doing that for him. Must have been a deja vu moment. Told her do it again, then do it for a lawyer you can't afford. The dumb a**** could have went in the woods 200 feet away.

  • Try -
    it's much better than this site

  • That's a shame.

  • Nice, anymore?

  • I have a few but not really confessions, seeing that my husband and I have been having sexual fun with others, this was just a one off, moments with the employee, he has gone on to other work away from here now,

  • Yah! I never had s** with his office workers but we do love to have s** with strangers while on holidays. I prefer younger ones and he with older/mature women. We do not practice bdsm or a***. These are mostly one-night stand that spice up our sexuality and eroticism a lot. We both are in our late 40s, sexually fit and now plan to go on with our s** acts further.

  • Hi, what we normally get back from people when we talk about a MFM is this, is my husband gay, the answer is no never, its just that he likes to see me having sexual fun and being satisfied sexually,, also we both like to be in the same room as another couple whether we swap or just be with each other as we are, its still exciting

  • Take no notice of what people say,just keep having fun.

  • Very much right!

  • We intend too, I love all the attention, what woman wouldn't,

  • Should be more like u.

  • There are but most do what I did cheat quietly

  • Why can't i find someone like u lol

  • There are a lot like me we love s** just like men do

  • I haven't found any like that.

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