Unrelenting l*** for my little sister

My sister is five years younger than I am, and I've been secretly l****** after her since I hit puberty. I would sneak into her room and dig through her panty drawer every opportunity I had, and often dig in the hamper to retrieve freshly used pairs to fantasize with and lick and sniff and dream I'd get an opportunity to escalate things, while at the same time maintaining at least a small amount of restraint, as I knew consequences and aftermath would be devastating and humiliating to our entire family. One particular day, while hanging in the basement, I devised a plan of sorts. I told her I'm more flexible than she is even though she was in gymnastics, knowing full well was not at all true. My guise worked however, and we were soon having stretching contests and so forth and I "helped" her stretch out as far as possible, clearly with my own agenda taking center seat to any sort of training. I suggested she go to her room to discard her clothes and underwear for her leotard, and because she was in gymnastics and completely naive to the situation she was happy to oblige. I then manipulated our 'competition' in such a manner I had a close up view and angle to her somewhat loosely fitting bottom piece. As she writhed and swayed and followed my command I was given a handful of peeks underneath, and even in the shadows, I could see her pubic mound easily and i caught a few quick glances inside the garment to the extremely short fine hair lightly coating the outer lips of her delicate, slightly puffy outer l**** and the dark slit disappearing between them. Before things got to any more precarious, and before she began to wonder what was going on, I decided a day on the stretching. Against my common sense instincts, however, I concocted some kind of disingeneous contest for us to play, of which i don't specifically recall the details fifteen years later. She, of course lost, resulting in the punishment of wearing her leotard for the rest of the day. I vaguely remember one of my parents wondering why she was wearing it, but before I had to make up some kind of excuse she just said she had been practicing gymnastics, so no red flags were raised. That night, after everyone was asleep, I became even more brazen. Due to a couple nasal, sinus and throat surgeries, my sister had always been a very heavy sleeper. I tested the limits. I opened her door and began whispering her name, louder each time I said it, until I was speaking at normal volume, seemingly with the intention of waking her up. I would have just asked some stupid question if she had, but that never was an issue. She was not going to be awakened easily, and I was excited, nervous, shameful, but most of all satisfied and far too h**** for a teenager to be about his beautiful, innocent sister. Slowly and carefully, I approached the bed, slowly removed some of her covers. I gently cupped her b****** over the leotard and quickly circled her nipples. Seeing those budding orbs would I could take a closer look with a pen light or a similarly dim light. Ever so gently I lifted up on the front side of the leotard between her slightly spread feet as she lie motionless on her back. I took my first close up look at a girl's most private part, instantly filled with intense emotions ranging from fear to disgust in myself to an overwhelming sensation of l*** I still struggle to reconcile with. That's how it started. From that day until the day I moved out of my parents home, I made quick stops in her bedroom to scoop and sniff worn panties, rub my p**** on surfaces I knew would soon be in contact with her, and masturbated in her bed. She never mentioned a word of that particular incident or missing panties by her to me, nor to anyone as far as I know and believe. I was careful not to get caught in most bedroom sessions by making sure i was home alone after that night, but after a while I got brazen. I was on a ledge that would be very difficult to back away from. On a few occasions I built up the nerve to sneak in her room at night to feel her feel me. I would expose my p****, which was almost constantly at least half erect because of the dangerous kink mixed together. I never penetrated her, nor did I come close to doing so,

Feb 21, 2020

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