Risking getting caught wearing girls knickers

I used to live in a flat in central Edinburgh and whenever my girlfriend went out I'd slip out her thong from her drawer and slip into it.

I'd get so excited I walk up to the front door and slip it off the catch. Just someone closing their door or a big gust of wind would make mine open wide and reveil me erect in a thong.

One time I was swinging on the chin-up bar we had next to the front door getting very excited with my little willy erect in her white lycra thong, when suddenly a gust of wind swung the door open wide while my naked body swung past it. I jumped down and quickly closed it. But the excitement was to much to take, did anyone see?

I'd pose rubbing myself waiting for the door to move. Some nights I'd take more and more risks to get caught. Pulling the door wide open and standing in full view of my neighbour if she looked out her door spy hole. I Started rubbing and rubbing and walking slowly right out into the shared hall, not thinking about outside people seeing through the hallway windows to the brightly lit hallway. I just stood there rubbing my c*** for everyone to see, but I don't know if anyone ever did see me...



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  • 🥱 so boring

  • I know you did you naughty little willy! You liked to have s** with me wearing my thong too! Din’t think I don’t remember!!!

  • I can’t believe you found this! You are the only girl that knew how to get me to c** on demand! Just 4 small words xxx

  • I slip my thong over your feet and onto your little rock hard d*** and whisper in your ear “come on little willy” your breathing changes as I can hear how excited you are “come on” “come on little willy” you don’t last long, you never can!!

  • When I was 10yo I got hold of some girls tights. Loved the feel of them against my skin. I used to wear them to bed and also under my jeans to school.

    I was still wearing them at 12 and they were obviously stretched and dirty. One day mom sat on my bed and told me she knew I was wearing tights. You know you hear all these stories of kids who are shamed or punished by parents. My parent were great. Mom handed me a brand new pair. I was still totally embarrassed. Mom was Ok and so was dad.

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