H**** son

I came home from work early and seen p*** on my son's laptop,he was upstairs and his laptop was in the living room,he's 17 teen it's normal for lads to watch it but he was watching aunt and nephew p***,I told my 30 year old sister about it and that he might think of her in that way,it didn't seem to bother her she just laughed she said he's just a lad that needs a good f***,even when she said she would go and f*** his brains out,soon found out she meant it we had a few drinks she told more about him,when we walked back to mine i asked if she was wearing a bra as her t*** was bouncing,she said no and no knickers either just a blouse and skirt, don't no why i listened to her when she told me to wait outside a few minutes before i came in, about 5 minutes i waited and went in to the living room and could hear them f******,when she came down she had c** on her t*** chatting to me naked,I wasn't disgusted by it in fact i found it a turn on think the drinks helped,she wiped the c** off and said im going to get him down and have him f*** me infront of you,she shouted up to him to f*** her down stairs,that's when she got me involved,he came in the room shocked to see me sat there but my sister put him at ease telling him i knew and let her, didn't take long for them to start again,I'm watching as she wanks him off she asks me to sit on the sofa so i did,she gets on the sofa on her knees and my son start's f****** her from behind, right in my eye line i could see his d***,as my sis is being f***** she starts saying to him bet you want to f*** your mom to that's when she tells him to stop, turns round and starts wanking him off again but this time she got me to do it to him to, putting my hand round his hard c*** is a different experience, feeling him e******** bringing my son to o***** until he had nothing left, when it was just me and my sister she said you should let him f*** you you would love it.

Feb 21, 2020

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  • Wish my mom and aunt would f*** me!! And my 2 cousins!

  • Fantastic! Love it!

  • We have been.

  • F*** in a three-some arrangement. You two teach your son what is meant by s** with mature women!!

  • I wish I was him

  • F*** him hard

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