S** with my teacher

In school i fancied my teacher called melissa,she used to let me skip class and stay in her office with her,in my last year of school i used to tell her how beautiful she was and it would make her blush,she never told me to stop so started to sit on her desk when she was sat in her chair so she could see that i was turned on,even told her i fancied her but nothing happened,2 years past that i didn't see her then just before Christmas my sister came home and mentioned she asked about me,so the next day i went to the school and it felt like old times chatting away in her office, said the same things to her again and this time it worked,she locked the door and we had s** against the wall, don't care she's 40 the s** is great.

Feb 23, 2020

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  • Seems to happen a lot, with so many female teachers getting themselves busted. For me it was out high school principal, she was a fairly nice looking 40 year old, I was usually in some kind of trouble and she would call me into her office, sit there with her knees apart, no panties and chew me out.
    I would get an erection, she would sit and look at my groin and smile.
    Then one day she said I needed a spanking, she made me pull my pants and briefs down and slapped me with her hand, then next she was stroking my d***.
    She should have gone to jail but we never got caught, this went on from my Junior year until I graduated. I ran into her years later, by then I was in my 30's and she was an old lady, she asked me for one more time for old time's sake, so we did. She was a lot of fun, one nasty woman, I never found out if her husband knew or not.

  • My wife is a teacher. Sometimes when we are having s** she will fantasize that she is doing it with one of her hot young male students.

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