Wanking online

I am addicted to going on vid chat sites and wanking while watching other guys doing the same. I most enjoy when a old guy who can barely get a h****** wanks his semi until he grunts to a climax. I sometimes help them along. By showing them pictures of there favourite p*** or wanking while showing them my Daughter and wife’s dirty knickers. I go on for hours some days keeping myself hard and edging until I am ready to c** for them.

Feb 24, 2020

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  • Angelrow37@yahoo.com willing to share dirty knickers picks by return mail wife and Step Daughter panties to share

  • Love your daughters knickers to w*** in

  • My fav part of any w*** session is putting my face into my daughter dirty knickers wanking to a climax

  • Herage?

  • She’s is 17 now but have been enjoying her Knickers for a lot of years

  • Love em yunger

  • Love em younger

  • I hope you dont misunderstand me am not a child molester but I love the smell of p**** on panties and nice cotton ones hold the smell better than most. However a nice g string or thong pulled up against an sweet smelling a****** or wet from sitting in between a wet set of p**** lips are hot as well especially if like me you like to taste and smell while wanking

  • Don't think enjoying a pair of knickers is anything like being a child molester though, how old was she when you started using hers?

  • She was around ten but been checking hers for the smell I l*** over for years

  • Agreed, I love the cotton ones best

  • The sight of those little p**** stains on the lovely clean white cotton and then bringing it to your nose and inhale gets he hard every time

  • I prefer the hello kitty or disney /cartoon ones although any cotton ones are nice to sniff and lick while you w***

  • I have no problem with the Cartoon knickers love frozen Ones. As long as there is a great p**** smell on them or even a nice ass smell. They seem to turn on guys more when you w*** with them online

  • Certainly turn me on , I have quite a few pairs!

  • Angelrow37@yahoo.com please share pics love to see ...yum

  • See knickers?

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