Sprised by My sister sexy friend

Me and my little sister has been having s** almost every night for 4 years now . She is 13 now. Tonight she had one of her friends over to stay the weekend . My parents was out on a date night. I was sitting in my room playing Xbox . My sister and her friends was playing in her room . Thin there was a nock at my door I said come in . Thin the door open for me to see my sister in her underwear . Pushing her friends into my room her friends was wearing a skimpy bathing suit and some h***** boots that didn't fit . It was clearly mom's outfit. She was still sexy even though the outfits don't fit at all . My sister pushed her on to the bed next to me . Thin sis put her hand on my d*** and gave my a long kiss until I was all the way hard . Thin she said to her friend he's ready for u . Thin kiss her friend on the mouth. thin she turns back to me and said that she won't a 3 way but her friends wonts to have her first time before the 3 way . Thin I get another kiss fome sis thin she told me it's her first don't hurt her . Thin sis left the room I look to cat her friends . She was just setting there she was so nervous she was read and shaking . I asked her if she was ok she nodded yes . Thin I asked her if she wanted to have s** . She said yes for a long time thin she said don't laugh but I don't know how. So I started with a kiss thin I ate her out she taste so good . Win we start f****** I was a little ruff on her and she begged to stop as soon as she stopped crying she was ready to finish we was f****** hard and cat was loud every time she would o***** . I noticed my sister standing in the door with her d**** at work . So I started putting on a show for sis . Thin cat started squat and I couldn't take it I was cumin deep inside her . She told me is ok she doesn't have her periods yet . I was still hard so I help sister finish and she got a lode to. Thin win cat was in the bathroom sis told me that cat has a crush on me and to ask her out.

Feb 24, 2020

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  • Stop posting here man

  • HOT!!!!!!

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