Sexy holiday

First time I saw her she was sexy as f***. Aged in her mid-30s and still single, a bit chubby with a pair of modest b****, may be 34C. I could tell she was a little attracted to me as well. So we were flirting with each other a lot. We were on a short holiday in Puerto Rico and living in the same cottage and her room was next to mine which had a connecting door but closed. I left this door unlocked from my side rather purposefully. This particular night she suddenly opened the door thinking, as she told: ‘sorry, thought it led to bathroom’!! I guess she did it intentionally. I invited her into my room. She was wearing a pair of brief shorts, braless covered her firm b**** by a thin blouse. So I made up an excuse to get closer to her and asked her to sit beside me on the bed and offered her a glass of wine. I told her I was feeling cold and asked if she could warm me up. She agreed, so I went over on the bed with her and I was hugging her in a spooning position. Feeling her thick ass pressed against me, my d*** got real stiff which she noticed and started to playfully press back on my d***. Putting one leg of mine upon her butt I then started to play with her b****** and slowly moved my hand down to play with her p****. She stopped me on the initial attempts but relented later. She started to breath heavy as I undid her shorts to lower it. When I got down to her p**** she was wet as f***, which even turned me on even more. I quickly pulled down her shorts and her panties as my d*** was already out. Sitting between her spread out legs and thighs up, I started using my d*** to play with her shaven p****. I ran my c*** head slippery with precum along her wet slit. She writhed in pleasure whenever it touched her c*** raising her buttock to feel the feeling of my c***.
I then positioned my c*** right at the entrance of her p**** spreading the engorged p**** lips wider – OMG what a beautiful glistening and inviting entrance!! She kept moaning as my throbbing d*** inched into her slit. This was putting her on edge, I then held her waist and slowly pushed all the length of my c*** into her juicy p****. She continued moaning and writhing in pleasure and I started f****** her real hard. Her moans became louder and she started to scream. I had to cover her mouth while still pounding away in her p****. She loved it rough!!
That's when I started feeling her p**** getting even wetter and wetter, pulsating on my d***. She was c****** all over my d***. Her legs started trembling but I kept f****** her till I came in her p****. She laid there seemingly spent as I took out me c*** from her p**** kissing her neck and lips. Lying next to her I continued stroking her b****
As soon as I was hard again we kept f****** the entire night. The next day, took a ‘morning after pill’..... .

Feb 25, 2020

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