My sister as my sexy toy

My sister moved in with me and my wife. After her boyfriend kicked her out . One night my sister asked to talk to me . She had just gotten out of the shower. So she was setting on the end of her bed raped in a towel . So I sat down next to her and she started crying about her boyfriend braking up with her . I guess she needed to let it out . Thin my wife walked by her door and told me to hurry up and f*** that s** toy so we can watch TV . Me and my sister just sat there looking at each other. I had never noticed how sexy her eyes was . I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the mouth . With in a moment I was deep inside my sister . She was loudly orgasming right away . Thin I hured my wife y'all f*** her harder she needed it . So I did . After a bit I Heald her tight and she raped her leg around me pushing me in deeper thin I pumped her full of c** . Between min and her c** her bed was soked . My d*** was don but I wonted more . We got clean up and wint to watch TV with my wife . Later that night my wife said we should go to bed thin told me to bring my s** toy her bed is still wet . So me and my wife and sister got in bed . After a few minutes I hured my wife say youse your toy so I f***** my sister in bed next to my wife will my wife played with her . Not every time I'm h**** and my wife is not she tells me to go youse my s** toy .



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  • Oh and don't forget to stand on the tracks too.

  • Has I said in your story help my friend stop posting. Take you moms panties off and get out of the basement.

  • If u don't like his story how about u right something or maybe u don't have any because u haven't ever been with a girl

  • Married over 30 years don't l*** for children, never had s** with my family. Don't wear panties or knickers Don't want a man or his c***. I don't want to get kicked in my b a lls. I have no criminal record. So what do I have to post that beats that.

  • You are a low life my friend stop posting fake and start a job or something meaningfull....

  • If I were illiterate then could I read this mess?

  • Must have been straight A English major

  • I wish I were illiterate so I could s**** my sister.

  • This is gold

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