Shared s**

Me and my x was dating at the time we agreed to have s** with Uther people at the same time in the same bed . One night my wife got home and said she had found how we was going to switch with. Thin she introduced this big black man . So I asked her who I was f****** she yeal for her little daughter Carly . Carly walked out of her room in h***** boots . A black thong that doesn't fit her little body . with tape on her nipples . And black lip stick on she was young but sexy like that I walked over to her and kiss her . Thin i noted my girlfriend was in our bed talking the back d*** . So I walked Carly in to the bedroom so she could see her mom . I asked her if she wanted to do what mommy was doing she said yes . So I removed the tape boots and thong and tost her on the bed. I played with until she was wet . I sat up and sat her down on my lap . I kiss her and rapt my arms around her she did the same I I wispered in her ear I love u honey and it might hurt at first . I lift her and lower her on my d*** she said ok daddy as my d*** intered her she held me tight . I could feel her finger nails on my back as she took the hole d*** . Once at the bottom she said I love you too Daddy . We f***** all night . My girlfriend end up leaving me for the back man but I don't care I was already with Carly we are getting married next week

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