13 teen and f***** by brother

It was just me and my 16yo brother at home,I went to his room to borrow some dvds and ended up chatting, without any notice he pulled his d*** out i covered my face asking him what is he doing,he was trying to get me to look then said if i looked he would put it away,I looked and he was playing with it, first d*** i seen,he called me a p**** tease for not wearing much,he was pulling my clothes of then pushed me on his bed in just my pants,I asked what he was going to do im going to f*** your tight c*** his words,he got between my legs felt hard to breathe with his weight on me,he only lasted about 20 seconds said i turned him on to much,he treats me like a s** toy whenever he wants s** he f**** me in his room just wish he could last a little longer.



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  • We are twin 12 year old girls and we have been having oral s and penrative s** for more than 4 years now, long before we knew it was considered illegal or immoral. Long before we knew what s ex was all about, it came naturally. It is known as twincest and mum has read a lot of documentation about it. She bought us strap-ons so we can pleasure one another. We too love each other deeply and feel each others pain and emotions. We sit naked on the lounge after doing our homework holding hands, smoking and tongue kissing and mum and dad don't give two f ucks. We'd marry each other if we were able bc we trust each other implicitly.

  • I am a girl,13,going on 14 soon,and towards the end of my puberty.Because of it i have been bedwetting for the last year and a half.Since my bedwetting started,our parents have had me wear a thick cloth diaper and rubberpants[plasticpants] to bed every night for my bedwetting. My brother,Mark,who is 15,thinks its a real 'hoot' that i have to wear the diaper and rubberpants to bed every night! A month ago,our parents went out on a saturday night and him and i were home alone.Later on,i went in a put my diaper and pink rubberpants on with my pajama top and came out and started to watch tv.Mark saw me on the couch and got aroused! He sat next to me and started rubbing his hands over my diaper and rubberpants and then got out his hard c*** and put my hand on it! He then pulled me over so my head was on his lap and he thrust his c*** into my mouth and made me suck it! He came in my mouth and i had to spit it out,then he made me suck it some more! Since then,he has made me suck him three more times while wearing my diaper and rubberpants before bedtime!

  • This is incest the is disgusting y'all really took "be nice to each other" to a whole new level and I'm.....

  • Why do you think incest is disgusting??

  • This is wrong. You must know this. Your brother has issues and you need to stop before you become pregnant w your brothers baby. How will you explain that to your parents? He could go to jail if y’all are caught

  • All s** should be consensual including s** between family members

  • That’s not good advice for a 13 year old. You’re just as sick as this girls brother

  • I wouldn't say it was advice, it's more of a statement. Her brother should never treat her in that way. I was very sexually active with my sister and we were always very careful eg condoms etc. It hasn't caused any problems between us and we still remain close. Importantly the s** between us was consensual and very loving. What's so bad about that?? Not all incest is bad

  • Get him to keep going he should be able to go a second time

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