My dog has been trying to hump me and i can't stop wanting it

I love him licking me and want him to get me

How does it feel



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  • While wearing my mothers panties sexy top just wanting to be a girl my dog came behind me and sniffing and trying to hump my butt I was hard and I wanted him inside my man slit I got on my hands and knees i put some of my moms baby oil on my fingers and put as many of my fingers
    Inside my man slit now that I was ready for his c*** I called him over and like a good girl I let him mount me It took him a few times I reached behind I guided his shaft into my rear slit it took a few times trying then I felt it Slipped beside me begain f****** me it felt so good when he was able to get all of his shaft into me I started jerking off thinking about how good he was f****** my rear shooting his cumin inside me

  • You would need someone help guide your dog's p**** into you because its very scratchy when your dog is trying to mount you. I would stick to letting your dog give you oral s** until you can get some assistance. Also if you do try have s** with your dog put some socks on his paws so it reduces the scratching and a bowl of water nearby because your dog will need it. Good Luck

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