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I want to watch CP



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  • I watch a typical genre of p*** known as POV humiliation-- basically a girl just sits there in various states of dress depending on the video-- I'm a jeans guy myself-- and just laughs her ass off talking about what a weak, ugly, stupid loser you are for wanting her. Is this a thing at all in typical CP? Say-- hypothetically-- I had access to it-- would I then have to find some weird way to have custom stuff made in order to find that? Is it mostly just straight s** and r@pe and violence? I'm sure there's probably SOME market for relatively more gentle girl on girl stuff, but what about what I would want-- does it actually exist?

  • Think about it why

  • Watch don’t download

  • Mega

  • You’re a f****** weirdo

  • You a crystal palace fan, cheese pizza?

  • So do it. get caught and get into big trouble

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