Cheated with my ex husband and shockingly my boyfriend isn't mad

Last weekend my new boyfriend and I had to attend a wedding. I made sure to let him know my ex husband would be there and he didn't have to go if it made him uncomfortable. He said it wasn't a problem for him and he wanted to go. Everything was going well until my ex husband walked up and introduced his new girlfriend . I immediately started feeling jealous of her. She was not only very pretty but obviously younger than me too. As the night went on and the more I had to drink the more I found myself watching my ex. When I saw him going down the stairway to the restrooms I followed. I found myself waiting outside of the restroom and when he came out I just went right up to him and started kissing him. A few minutes later I was looking at myself in the mirror, bent over the sink in the men's room getting f***** from behind by him. When it was over I was immediately filled with regret, not because the s** wasn't hot because it was but because I had never cheated before. Now here I am having to face my boyfriend after having just been f***** by my ex husband . By the time we got home I felt so bad I just spilled my guts and told my boyfriend everything. He was very quiet then said " its ok , you just got caught up in the moment . I'm not mad, lets forget it even happened. " I know this sounds terrible but now I feel like my boyfriend should have been at least a little upset. Its like he has no self respect and don't know if I even want to be with him now.


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  • Are you kidding, you cheat on your boy friend with your ex and you blame your boyfriend for having no self respect ? It sounds to me like your feeling bad because he didn't get mad and beat your ex . I suspect you will do it again and have some silly excuse for doing it I hope you break up with your boyfriend, he deserves better that a silly little girl like you.

  • I completely understand, to be honest this wasn't your fault it was your ex's.
    Why didn't your boyfriend try and have s** with you as soon as he found out to reclaim his woman?

  • So its all his fault? You'd be the first to complain, if he lost his cool and hit you. You should feel ashamed. Be thankful he's so understanding.

  • Well . . . . .
    . . isn't that convenient. You cheated on HIM and so you think less of him because of it. You don't deserve to be with your boyfreind. You aren't good enough for him. And oh, by the way, you are a serious POS.

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