Super Bowl super s**

This years super bowl was the best ever for two reasons and we watch it every week now.
My wife, totally unplanned between us, decided to seduce me and my friend during the game. I was annoyed that she kept coming in during the game but I could tell that Larry liked it.
It looked like our team was going to lose when she came in wearing a thin dress and tried to reach the curtain rod over a window. You could see through her dress and it was a hot sight to see.
She couldn’t reach it so Larry went to help her. He stood behind her and she had him do something to the curtain, then she asked me, ‘how’s this look’.
I said, ‘it looks like Larry is doing you from behind’.
She said, ‘umm that sounds good’.

Our team won but we didn’t get to watch it. Luckily I recorded it so me and Larry start watching a little of it every week now, and we still have not got through the halftime show yet.
Thank you, Kansas City Chiefs, for the best game ever.

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  • That was a great game. The best one I’ve ever watched and I’ll always remember it. Not for the reasons you will. You have a good thing going and that would make any game better. I like your wife. Do her for me, ok?

  • You are a lucky dude. Wish I could watch it with you.

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