Jealous my best friend is f****** trannys

Hi my name is Andrew I'm from Delray Beach Florida and a few years ago I met this guy called Lenny at the gym he's a real monster 330 pound ripped bodybuilder, we became great friends after getting to know each others personal life's I became really jealous my friend is having s** with big black transsexuals... I've been obsessed with trannys since I moved down here from New York back in the late 90s but I can't bring myself to doing it I've purchased huge black d***** but it isn't the same... I wish I was more like my other friend Jason he's got 1% autism and ADD he goes though life with no shame not a care in the world I've been single for over 20 years and I think it's time I got myself a tan 10 10 I live a very strict life style I only have a cheat meal once a week that and cheat meal is a box of sushi 8 pieces simple brown rice I think it will be a nice little treat for myself I think I deserve it I'm entitled it

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