C****** in Mom

From 15 until 20 years I had had s** with 37 woman. Most were girls friends or booty calls. I love s**.

Now I'm 43, and for the last 23 years I have only been with Mother as a lover.
She came to me one evening and on that night, I had the best s** of my life to that point.

Since then, I rush home from work each day, to be with her. She greets me at the door and most nights, we f*** with her pinned to the wall. She only 5 feet tall and just 100 lbs. I'm 6 feet and very well muscled. The weekend we rarely leave the house as it is a f*** and suck feast.

Nothing in this world feels better to me than being inside her and c****** in her p****. Though her beautiful mouth is a close second. I b******* from mom is like putting your c*** in a vacuum hose. She not done until my b**** are emptied of c**.

I am completely in love with her. No woman can equal her in bed or in any way else m

We have a beautiful 21 year old daughter Lilly. Who knows all about us, and shares my love and l*** for Mom.

Lilly and Mom do not work, and spend hours during the day in bed pleasuring each other.

Family love is so natural to us.

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  • There's no love like a mother's love! Me and my aren't a couple but we used have s** when i lived at home. The s** was amazing, extremely loving and incredibly passionate. Its such a great way for a mother and son to be.

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