I'm a single mom that's into incest

I'm a single mom and for 20 years ive kept it secret that im into incest,I have had many thoughts about f****** my 15 year old son,it all changed not long ago i cleaned his room and found 2 pairs of my underwear with c** stains,he was at school and i text him what i found he did think i was going to kick him out, asked if he wanted more to come home,I could see he wasn't interested in having a chat he was definitely a happy lad afterwards,he hasn't slept in his bed for weeks now,I don't fill guilty about it.

Mar 4, 2020

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  • Seems cool but can't you remember when you was under 16, you see it all the time when kids have s** if they can have a relation with a girl or guy and have kids of his or her on.

    I think you need to tell him or her that it's ok to have s** with someone there age.

  • I have twin daughters aged ten and nothing is as sensual and sexual as us f ucking each other with strap-ons while we smoke and tongue kiss.

  • Looking for company?

  • Which one you talking to?

  • All

  • Ty,we do have a good time together.

  • Enjoy it darling. My son and i have been sharing a bed for almost a year now and the s** is incredible! It's not wrong as long as both of you want it. Nothing like waking up in the morning by having a hard teen c*** pressing against your lips yum.

  • What age did you start? younger the better i think

  • He's 12 now, so eager...had to keep him home from school some days :)

  • Must be nonstop with the lockdown

  • I think you should wake him up for school with a bj everyday

  • Easy as he shares a bed with me now, so morning b****** are very common before school.

  • I would have started that long before 12

  • He was 11...

  • Yunger

  • Yeah definitely younger.... but how young?

  • Any

  • I think they should fully understand yes and no, because if they dont like it and say no, its done. Period.

  • Thy can understand that at 2

  • Https://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Nepi_Stories/BOYS%20AND%20GIRLS/Soft%20Molesting/Motherly%20Passions.txt

  • Www.childsexstories

  • Forum jar search "nepi"

  • Mmmmm youre right... gentle handjobs while bathing.... mommies should be exempt from age laws. so much s**.

  • Daddy too I like a nice hard little pecker

  • I am a single dad who has a daughter with serious learning difficulties. Her mum died when she was thirteen and I have looked after her ever since as father and mother. She went through puberty and I carefully took care of her needs and emotions, which was difficult as many times she came into my bed for cuddles before she fell asleep.
    It was not until she started to understand about sexual things that I realised I had some longing too and when her questions got to difficult or to personal I found myself wanting her sexually.
    Then one night, one winter she came to my bedroom and said she was cold and lonely and I lifted the covers and she got into bed. We cuddled up, I kissed her and at the same time felt her hand and fingers start stroking my p**** which quickly became hard in my pyjamas. We kissed again, but this time on the lips our tongues going into our mouths. I felt her pull my erection out, her fingers caressing it and at the same time I gently pulled her knickers down and off. Then my p**** was between her thighs and I knew we wanted each other, we were hugging, kissing, caressing and then I was inside her and our combined pent up emotions took hold.
    She was sixteen the and she is thirty-eight now. I had a vasectomy so I wouldn't make her pregnant and we have a very mature relationship which is special to us. We both have sexual needs and that is wonderful, loving and caring.

  • Beautiful, 13 would have been nicer I bet she wanted it

  • I'm a woman, and I applaud your sensitivity.
    Be happy together.

  • If it is mtually agreed between two people to have s** whether incest or not others should not have problem in this.
    After all its their bodies, their pleasure and their life.

  • 100% agree and as long as they are adults

  • I used to sneak into my sisters room at night it started out smelling her feet and progressed to fingering and jumping her

  • That’s great. I’ve sucked on my sisters t***.

  • Try to go to his room naked and... you know, give him a b******. Well, lady have a good luck and a great s**

  • You have nothing to feel guilty about. Lots of people have had sexual interactions with family members including myself.

  • That is the biggest reason why mothers gossip so much is because of their sexuality. We female hormones are running wild. We desire something in our v***** all the time. Remember that the p****, when erect is 98 degrees. That 98 degrees against the nervous lining of the v***** wall brings great joy and pleasure to us females of all ages. The reason why mothers desire preteen boys and teens males is the youth body they have and the flexibility they have with their hips, which allows them to hump fast, and women love that pleasure. The way to control your s** drive is, to be honest with others and your self. As long the others and you agree with something is great. For example, you see your son naked all his life is fine. When he as other boys over that, it must be OK with the other boys for you see them naked. We female love to see boys naked. We love to see teens males naked. We love to watch their bodies grow and develop. That normal and it OK. Everyone has to agree to it. He needs to be naked in the home. Doors never need to be close. That includes bathroom doors and bedroom doors. You need to give him complete body massages 3 times a week. You need to be apart of his masturbation. Be thankful he was using your underwear,r but he does not need to steal other people's clothes to m*********. If he stole other people's clothes that he could have gotten into a legal issue. He can sleep with you. You can touch him, but be sure everything is clean.

    The main reason why women and girls go to nudists places is so they can see the male genital of all age males.

    The woman with the son needs to meet another single mother with a daughter who can enjoy the fun you two have. They can all be apart of it. To be honest. This mother with a son with a mother with a daughter goes on a lot.

  • Same for me with young girls, I love seeing theirnude bodies and the different stages of development, seeing the littlepussy change, watching the b****** bud and grow.....so beautiful

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