I don't know if I was raped

I am 15 and not a virgin but I think either my dad or my brother raped me. I live with them and I got home the other night and my dad knew I had been drinking at my friend's place and when I got in my brother was making hot chocolate. My dad told my brother to make one for me as well.
My brother had to go to the toilet so my dad finished the hot chocolates off.
I remember getting sleepy and going to bed but I don't remember anything else. When I woke up I had a headache (could be a hangover) but my v***** was really sore and wet and there was a crusty spot on my sheets.
I think either my dad or my brother raped me - I don't know though. I am not on the pill and I don't know what to do.
Everyone seems normal when I talk to them.

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  • Maybe both your dad and brother took turns f****** you. are you upset that it happened?

  • That is so hot, if you can record it and send it to robertstirling@protonmail.com

  • Set up that senecio again only be sober and don't drink or eat what ever they made for you. Act like you are sleepy and go to bed with your phone. Then wait till the offender comes in and get proof and have him locked up.

  • Hi you should go to the police and speak to someone. All s** should be consensual and there is never an excuse for rape.

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