S** question

1 how old was the youngest u have had sexy with
2 was girl or boy
3 how was it for u
4 how was it for thim
5 was they family , friend , Uther
6 how many times have u had s** with thim
7 did u or thim start it
8 was it there first time

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  • I was 8 when my 13yo cousin first tried. I wanted it, but he couldn't get in.

    I was 13 when I finally got properly f***** by an 18yo guy.

    So youngest I tried to have s** with was 13, but as an adult, I did have a hot secret relationship with my friend's 14yo son. Fantastic s** took his virginity and never gave it back haha

  • I was 13 and my brother was 21 when we first had s**. He initiated it. Obviously the s** was a bit painful at first but overall the s** was great for both of us.

  • Lucky brother

  • That's sexy

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