Your first s**

How old was u
How old was your partner
How was it
R u girl or guy
How did u know the person friend, family, stranger

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  • I was 15(f) and he was 16., It hurt and I bled.

  • I was 15 and she was 13. She was my girlfriend. First time we did it I f***** her ass. I would f*** her ass a lot as a form of birth control. I’m 63 now and she 50 and married. I started talking to her on Facebook. We sext a lot. And FaceTime while I j*** off for her. She also sent me a pair of her panties. She says she still loves me.

  • Hi, i was 13 and my brother was 21 the first time we had s**. Obviously painful when we first had s** but overall the s** was great.

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