Men wearing women’s panties

I bought some lacy panties for my girlfriend who is the same size as me. When I gave them to her, I confessed that I had worn my previous wife’s panties on occasion and I told my ex that I liked wearing her panties, she said, you pervert, so I stopped. My girlfriend said try the white lacy ones on for me, well I quickly stripped and slid the white panties on and she said that I could wear her panties anytime. I am now wearing her/our panties most of the time and I love it, and I love her so much for understanding my fetish and love of wearing panties. I made love to her while wearing pink lacy panties the other night and it felt fantastic and she loved it too. Thank you my love❤️

Mar 8, 2020

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  • My wife's penchant for ruffled panties found their way onto my well shaped tight ass and she loves it. It has changed my thinking about femininity and men.

  • You are lucky to have a loving wife that accepts your fetish, that is great, and don’t the panties feel so good. I may look at ruffled panties myself but possibly hard to find, may have to go on the net. Good luck for the future in panties 🤪

  • Try eBay. That's what I did.

  • Yeah I bought a few pairs of panties on eBay but the quality was pretty poor, it’s better to buy in a shop as you can see and feel the quality I think. Which we will do when things get back to normal.

  • I have a question, after you started wearing panties have you been with other guys or even think about it?

  • No never thought about it as, not interested in guys, as I love the ladies anatomy too much.

  • My girlfriend let’s me wear her pantyhose and heels. I hang out with her wearing them and she’s cool with it. I’m not with her anymore and afraid she may tell people

  • She might tell your friends and coworkers .I wouldnt worry about it even if she does tell others.If she does it will be humiliating for a while but it will blow over after awhile.When she does tell your secret people will talk s*** and the ones that dont like you for doing it will stop coming around you right away,they are not true friends. When it gets out there will be those men who act like your friend but will not come around except to have you suck their c**** and f*** you so be careful

  • When my ex outed me there were several guys who teased and made fun of me in front of everyone but they were coming over when I was home alone .They were pushy and didnt want me as a friend ,just someone to suck their c**** when ever they wanted to come

  • Hopefully you parted on good terms, and she won’t say anything. But if she does, your true friends will stay by you, and those who don’t understand your kink, are not worth the time of day. Life is too short my friend, enjoy wearing what you feel comfortable in. Good luck 😊

  • Glad you could find someone to share your Panty love with. Experiment and have fun shopping together for Lingerie, make sure you try Bra's, Panties, Camisoles and anything else she is willing to share with you.

  • Hi, well panties are my thing, I just feel so amazing when wearing them, a bra, well I have tried one, but it looks a bit funny as I have a hairy chest, so I never bothered again. My partner wears sexy bras and panties often for me and I love it, and now that I am wearing panties it is absolutely amazing. I feel so free and sexy and she loves the look and the feel of my panties, I am in heaven. I am masculine not feminine, I just love the feel of the nylon os satin panties on my skin, it just gets me so hard, which is a bonus to my partner. I have seen men’s panties on the wish website, but they don’t appeal to me funny enough. I prefer actual women’s panties, as the fit is different, and it’s just that they are the real thing, and I don’t know, but it’s just that they are ment for women which gives it that excitement and s** appeal I suppose.

  • I totally stripped all my hair off my chest to wear a bra. It feels amazing to have the bra next to my bare skin. I have decent b**** as i am a bit overweight. Now it's cooler I wear a bra everyday. I have a big collection of bras panties and I wear nightie every night. It's so normal for me now. I will never go back.

  • No I couldn’t go that far and shave my chest, it would be too itchy growing back, besides my partner loves my hairy chest. But good luck🤪👍

  • I bought matching pink lace panties for me and my young lover when we get a chance to take her to my caravan ,I like to take her in the shower then we put our panties on and make love for hours,she loves me giving her a couple of o***** with my tongue before we f*** it's great.

  • Yeah funny enough pink is my favourite colour too, when my partner and I get around to shopping for panties after this virus crap settles down, I want my partner to help me pick some lacy ones, so looking forward to that. I am masculine not feminine, I just love the feel and look of the panties, they excite me and make me h****, which is great for my partner.
    Well, you and your lover have fun and enjoy your panties, I will😉

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