I want to f*** my little sister

I have been thinking about incest since I have known about s**. Because some stupid person told me that some people do it with their sisters. I initially thought it was normal and used to rub my hard d*** in my little sisters ass and sometimes on her p****... I was very young then. I stopped doing it after a few times because it felt wrong but could never stop thinking about her. I don't know what to do... I'm trying not to ruin our lives by acting on my urges. I don't think she remembers anything I did. But I am suffering a lot. My fantasy is that she gets so h**** that she can't control herself and just asks me to f*** her! I wish it could happen. If you have any suggestions as to how to make it happen or how to be free of this desire please let me know.

Mar 9, 2020

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  • I’m 16 and my sister is 8 I really wanna f*** her or drug her and have my way her p**** is soooo clean is tight no hair her A****** is even more hot it’s not hard and nice and tight she knows how to wipe and shower she’s always clean last October I used to touch her in her sleep because she had her own bed and own room so I would just give her like 4 melatonin gummy‘s after that she was out but I always tried to make her shower first I really wanna bust a nut in her ass hole or p**** lollagucci is my wickr HMU if you wanna tell me how to do it or if you can give me drugs to help her

  • Just do it already,I f***** my twin four years, we even had a child together, just do what Mike says...just do it!!!

  • Mmm do it I bet you won't regret it

  • I've always wanted to f*** my sister and always will! It's one of those things feelings that won't ever disappear

  • Nope it won't, s*** I still miss angelicque.

  • One night I decided to sleep next to my sister. When every one were asleep, I got up and sat near my sister 1 year younger to me about 8 and half year old. I first took my sleeping sisters hand and kept it on by erect small p****. Still she was asleep. Slowly I put my hands into her small panty and slightly reached to wedge of her small v*****. This movement made her awake and it took some time for her to acknowledge that her brother is touching her and that her hand is on his erect p****. She though kid whispered is that your brother and I said yes. But she did not take her hand away or did not try to shoo away my hands from her p****. Having no idea about s**, we just massaged each other and I fingered and she just felt my erect p****. After some time I retreated and she too went to sleep. We continued this for some days. But later due to change of our rooms and presence other family members, the act stopped and the night activity was forgotten.

  • Started mine at 3

  • Perfect

  • Growing up my sister and I experimented I always had a erection she liked looking at it and I would sneak into her bedroom at night and finger her and j*** off

  • Alot of siblings experiment with each other. Very normal and part of growing up.

  • This is wrong. INCEST IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  • Incest is a beautiful thing, it's more common than people think

  • I agree!

  • Incest is the best when ya put your sister to the test....or your cousin.....our your daughter...it's all good you should try it!!!

  • Not if it is agreed to by both people, NO RAPE NO FORCE

  • Exactly! Nothing wrong with consensual s**.

  • Are you stupid they are both underage meaning they can't f****** Concent. On top of that it's mighty f***** up so shut it.

  • You know what your problem is...we have this blue screen between us...because let's get down to brass tacks....I will kick the ever living s*** outta you boi...you want my address..I'll fly you here just to make you a whiny lil b****.

  • You're being ridiculous

  • Siblings will always experiment no matter what age they are.

  • I'm disgusted by incest and I know it's not accepted in most societies. But I like it and I'll tell you what the appeal is. Incest represents a very strong bond between two people. Because when you know that someone wants to be with you even if it means overcoming the taboo and the disgust, it feels like they really love you and it's very intoxicating...

    I hope you understand.

  • Cuz you never tried it...soooo shut your c** dumpster and f*** your sister.....our your brother if that's your favor.

  • Yes I understand

  • Incest is not wrong. It may not be your thing and that's fine. Do you realize that in some countries incest between adults is legal? Eg Portugal. Not all incest is bad.

  • Portugal here I come!

  • Lol. Totally and there are other countries as well. People need to open their minds because this is something that can't be swept under the carpet. Incest has always been around.

  • My step sis was only 4 and a good girl

  • Don't be stupid

  • Then why are f****** your mom you motherf ucker!!!

  • I actually was!!

  • Then why are f****** your mom you m***********!!!

  • Just do it - together!

  • Lots of siblings experiment with each other as they are growing up, so what that person told isn't so stupid and I think it's wrong for people to deny it. Whatever you do with your sister should be consensual and both of you should at least be in your teenage years. You should start spending time with your sister and be affectionate towards her for example plenty of hugging and kissing. Try holding hands with your sister and gradually get her comfortable with you. Compliment her on looks and what she is wearing. You need to progress step by step. Eventually say something like "i always fancy girls that look very similar to you", so what you are basically saying is you fancy her. Don't do anything like stealing panties for example because you don't want to come across perverted. Try to be smart about it and cleverly seduce her. Obviously, be flirty! I know it's a real balancing act but this is a possibility for you. Do some research on being flirtatious and if you are successful with your sister please use birth control. I wish you the best of luck

  • Thanks a lot.

  • Your're welcome 👍

  • Do not rush, when she is closer to you, explore each others genitals, let her touch and stroke your hardening c***, flick your tongue on her budding t***. Kiss her, lightly stroke her little t*** and p**** lips, Let her discover the joy of stroking her hidden c*** out. Use some lube to massage her p**** lips (body lotion works better) and finger her. Insert one finger first then after a few days add two - spend couple of months to do these when you will be able to kiss and suck her p****. See whether she is able to reach o***** through stroking her c***. If so it is a good sign to expect more from her, she will be hooked to you. Most little girls might not like to give you bj because of the size of an erect c***. But in s** months time she will be ready to allow her to f***!!

  • Should have done that long ago

  • I wish I had a brother like you when I was young. I’ve always had a thing with incest and wanting to be touched and f***** by someone in my immediate family. I would say maybe drop some hints... some subtle flirting, maybe wrestle around and brush up against her to test the waters. Not sure how old you guys are but there’s always alcohol to loosen things up and get playful too.

  • I'm so sorry you missed out

  • Never had a brothier or sister

  • I'm 22 she's 15

  • It's ok...just sssshhhh!!!

  • Give her a good f****** while the grass is still growing! 15 is so h**** !

  • Okay that's just gross please get a girlfriend
    what is wrong with all of you sick f****?!!!!!

  • What is wrong is weirdos like you that wanna talk s*** over the web..lemme know where you're at..I guaranty you're attitude will totally change when you see me in person...s***, I'll pay for you to come here..so i can gladly give you an attitude readjustment b****.

  • Why you gots ta be rude???

  • Why do you think it is gross? There is absolutely nothing wrong with s** between siblings at all. It doesn't mean there have to be together, it's just family with benefits. We are all different.

  • My cousin gets me hard she is 8

  • Get that child Dped

  • So sexy that age when they flashing panties and p****

  • Sexier getting them panties off

  • It completely is

  • Too young

  • No such thing

  • Yes there is.

  • Old enough to p old enough for me

  • Yup

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