Kick in the b****

Would any of you girls want to kick me in the b****? And with what shoes?



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  • Why do you make all these confessions here? You really wan't to hurt your b a l l s ? well I have a great why. Go to a major airport and lay down on the runway with your legs spread facing a landing 747 and wait. You will get your wish and more.

  • I have some nice pointed tip shoes

  • What else you got?

  • So you not gunna tell me if you a boy or a girl?

  • I may or may not a girl, you'll never know that for sure.
    Got some nice steel-toed boots here.
    I'll probably get too into it and kick you other places too. You will just have to deal with that.

  • I prefer steel toed boots

  • Ballerina shoes it is then! You don't get to decide, maggot!

  • That's true lol

  • Give me the chance I will kick them so hard you will spit them out of your mouth!!

  • H*** yea

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