7 grade s**

It started a month ago . I don't like wearing underwear . One day our teacher left the room for a few minutes . I got up and flipped up my skirt . To guys got one took my p**** from the front . The Uther got me from behind in my ass . They barely finished before the teacher got back . The word got out about it and I have been f****** every guy every ware . I have been with 48 different guys just around the school and several old guys around the naber hood and in stores



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  • I wish I could f*** you

  • I'm in 8th grade and last year I was purposely letting the boys get a look at my panties. It's a catholic school and even a nun likes looking too. We were skipping class and the two boys I was with and they got me from behind too!?
    I had to sit through the afternoon classes with their stuff leaking into my panties. I had to flush them down the toilet and go to my last class without any panties on!

  • Damn you're a bit old for me!

  • God I think I love you!!!

  • I think I love your p****

  • Love 2 c your p****

  • I really wish people would be completely truthful in their stories.

  • 7th grade, huh? And you still can't spell.

  • If I had the chance to f**** 7th grade I wouldn't give a hoot if she could spell, as long as shefucks and sucks mycock

  • Not her fault. If you use the dictation feature, that's just the product you get. Yes, it requires a bit more translative effort from us, the readers, but it's an effort that is --- at least in the case of this VERY interesting young woman --- more than worthwhile. I think she's a treasure and I hope she'll write here often about her life, her intense sensuality and her sexuality.

  • I feel sorry for you :'(

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