Mom son's c** in my panties

I caught my son Anthony doing that at 15. He jerked off in to a pair of lacy white panties and was putting them back. But my reaction was amazing. It was the summer, and I was going to work and had a dress on but no pantyhoses. I took the pair he came in sniffed them then slipped off the pair I was wearing and slip on the ones with his c** in the crotch.

Suddenly, i grabbed his arm and shuttled, I came. I was breathing hard, and said, Baby you made Mommy c**. I want us to do this every morning.

It 8 years later and we do this every day now. But we have s** first and I have him pull out and c** on the panties I selects that morning. It is f****** amazing. I c** so hard from s** with my son. It was never like that with his father or any other man

I told Anthony his 8 inch c*** belongs to only me, and I gives all the s** and oral and a*** he wants, I never say no to him. He wants alot, we f*** in public, in the car, at the local nude beach, any where any time. I don't care if we get caught. I let him f*** me bent over the kitchen counter after Christmas dinner when the two of us were cleaning up and guests were in the living room. He came in me and later his c** dripped down my leg as I was talking to my mother. I came just standing there knowing Mom could see it.

Anthony knows, no woman will ever love him as much as I do. He has only been with me, I won't let another woman near him. I'm a complete s*** pervert w**** for him. I even let our dog f*** me, because he want to see it as I blow him. At s** club we go to, he'll c** in a mans ass, and then makes me lick it out of the guys ass. It disgusting, but I c** from masturbating while I do it. I can't not swallow Anthony's c** even mixed with p***.

BTW, I got pregnant from wearing the panties with his c** in them. After that I let him c** in me all the time. I want another baby with him!

Mar 11, 2020

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  • For get it and move on with your life

  • My son has been wanking in my dirty knickers since he was 13

  • I regularly find my 14yo son masturbating with my panties. At first i was shocked but now I find it so erotic!!!

  • Its your son's way of letting you know that he is ready for s**.

  • I am now in my mid-40s with high sexual appetite and my hubby has ED. My son in his late 20s with a good size of c***. We f*** wherever we get time, such as my hubby is out for even an hour to over a weekend. I love his going into my c*** slowly as I spread out my p**** lips wider using my fingers and then ram hard into me so that his c*** almost hot my cervix, little pain with enjoyment is great. We do also in various positions. This slow and fast f**** gets my o***** almost every time we are together. He knows now how to synchronize simultaneous o******!!

  • OMG! this hot and exciting. As I m********* now going through your narration, I must tell you that merely wearing a c**-coated-panties can not make one pregnant! Your regular f**** did it. Best wishes with your coming baby.

  • I wish I was him

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