B*** JOB!

I might get a b*** job, im not a bimbo or anything and I dont want them stupidly big. Im 5"5 red hair (dyed, im not ginger) I weigh 8 stone ( 112 pounds ) and Im a cup size C but I want a D or E, they just dont seem big enough but do guys prefer real or fake? and do you think I should get it done?

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  • your t*** are plenty big for your size. any bigger would just be gross and fake t*** suck big time anyway

  • Real only please. C is big.

  • if ur only 5'5 and 112lbs with c b**** already ur very large for ur size..if u go to a D or E u can have huge back problems and other serious issues. not all guys like big b**** and also bigger b**** make a person look bigger in general. C is perfect! god made u the way u are for a reason.

  • I prefer real ones, and a C is a good size.

  • Real only please! 5'5\\" and 112 pounds with a C? sounds wonderful. A D might look funny but I'm guessing a large percentage of the males your age would not complain.. See if you can get those foam inserts to test it out for a bit? A E? Is this a guy? DD first. E and on just point down more, not out.

  • Absolutely!

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