I traded a Gameboy for S**

Back when I was around 15 to 16, a family friend of ours ended up staying the night. I forget the reasoning why, frankly I didn't care. Welp, she had a daughter, years younger than me, like early preteens. Welp, someone had the bright idea that since they were staying the night, I can share my room with her. Yeah yeah sure, I did have a bunk bed but like.. not the brightest idea but then again so too was giving me my own personal laptop at the peak of puberty

Anyways, sure, whatever. I always slept at the top so she got the bottom. Into the night I was up browsing the internet like I always did, searching stuff I probably shouldn't though I wasn't doing anything about it... yet. Only to be interrupted by my apparent roommate who was suppose to be well asleep at this time.

Its not so she couldn't sleep, no, she wanted to ask me if she could play my gameboy, something she always adored. Welp, being cheeky about this, I decided to pry her that wouldn't she get in trouble if caught and of course.. what do I get in return. She was hooked. So I decided to get off my bunk and held my gameboy by her.

Now here's the thing, I knew this about her, she had this big crush on me and so forth, and wasn't good at hiding it.

And yet here I am in a tank top and boxers, telling her I'll trade my gameboy for a kiss. After some flustering, I sat next to her and I guided her through probably her first kiss, and a few more too. After a while, and her all red in the face, I gave her that precious gameboy though of course.. I told her if she wanted she could play it on my lap.

For a while then, while she played Pokemon, I started off my gently touching her, then progressively nuzzling her neck and slowly doing everything I can to get her turned on

I asked her if she wanted to play on my laptop, which of course she did. And still on my lap, while I showed her some cool websites like on about stick figures fighting. I guided her towards some adult sites and asking her if she wanted to watch some.

So there we were, her on my lap watching p*** having all sorts of things done. The final nail in the coffin was when I asked her if she wanted to try what they were doing out. Which looking back, wasn't a fair question to ask something already being fingered for their first time. But I wanted more, and I wanted to make her feel more in bliss

After promising her to stay quiet because neither of us wanted to be caught, and all that hush hush secret between us stuff, I spent the rest of that night eating her out, letting her explore my body, and of course s**. Gentle at first, but as we kept doing more stuff I was holding less back, her eventual moans and pleads of loving me only spurred me on

I ended up letting her keep that gameboy after that night, not that it mattered as much to me as it did her. Plus, I think she earned it

Mar 15, 2020

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  • Very hot

  • Good job.

  • She must have had a lovely tight lilpussy

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