Portsmouth uk

I'm in Portsmouth UK working, I'm a guy, and I'm looking to meet h**** women of all ages, 18 plus, the older the better for no strings fun!



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  • Finally get a real post and you people jumping all over him. Just go back to you incest and pedo posts and keep writing all those fake confessions and posts and leave the real ones alone. Keep writing it amazes me that first you can post that and the fantasied stuff you write is such bullshitttt.

  • Wrong site, mate.

  • Not really, worth a try!

  • Not really, you melt!

  • Don't they have Backpage in Portsmouth?

  • Not sure, what's that?

  • Looks like you don't have google either

  • Go suck a grape with your nan, you melt!

  • Go melt, you melt!

  • Go melt yourself, before you call me a melt, you fahking melt

  • Out yer a*** ye wee nyraff

  • You got to be a b***** millionaire first of all and then start with ur shitt

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