Need Grandfathers c*** all the time.

Most 18 year old girls love their grandfathers. I do and I love having s** with him. My grandmother died last year and one day I saw my grandfather jerking, I walked in. He tried to cover up, but I said don't. I'll help. And started jerking him, his c*** is HUGE 10 inches!

In the end I went down on him and soon he had me bent over the bed f****** doggie style. I never was f*** that well, long and hard in my life, 30 minutes later he came in me.

It been almost a year now, we f*** several times a week. And I sleep over on the weekends. I is endless s**. At 65, this man can go for hours. My p****, and ass is sore on Sunday night.

I can't count how many loads of c** I've swallowed.

He is the perfect man for me, great looking, strong, and is a f****** s** machine.

I live to have him between my legs.

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  • Everybody that reads and are disgusted by it Inject Pedos should die or your own thoughts in between each reply so it wrecks their w a n k i n g session. Troll the he'll out of them

  • My neighbours daughter is 13 and looks so h**** in her school uniform.
    I've seen her tight little bum , her tiny t*** and her camel toe at weekends when she wears tight clothes.

    I'd like to lift her school uniform skirt up and pull her knickers down to see her p****.
    I think of fingering her to get her aroused and then f****** her.

  • Die pedos die

  • Wish my 16 year old niece would allow me between her legs I'd f*** her for hours

  • H*** yes and her little sis!

  • Just die pedos die got lead

  • Lol I got nieces but not 16 yet.

  • Even nicer!

  • 9 and 11. Grow up fast

  • Ugly a$$ pedos shouldfucking die

  • I would love to help them along

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm taste amazing

  • Really what did it taste like.

  • Heaven!

  • Only animals doesn’t care about relations....disgusting bitchh

  • Omg god I bet he has wanted to f*** you for years lucky man.

  • He has. He said he's wanted me since I was 11 years old. Had I known I would have willingly opened my legs for him. I loved my Grandmother, but I wanted my Grandfather summer I turned12. I learned about s** and masturbation from watch online p***.

    I stayed at their vacation home in the mountains that summer. I saw him naked several time and spied on them having s** at night. Masturbating became the only way I could resist coming onto him. I was really jealous of my grandmother. I finally have his magnificent c*** to myself.

    I told him I'm on the pill, but I'm not. I want him to knock me up!

  • Wish you had spread your legs for me at 12

  • Sickfucking pedos die die

  • This is so bad. After reading this I was looking at my 12 yr old granddaughters bum in her leggings ffs.

  • I paid two 11yr olds $100 each to show me their bums and hairless c**** b4 I got to f****** the blonde one as the dark haired one humped on my fingers. Msgic. I still see the one i fingered shes 14 now and looks and f**** loke a 20yr old. Go for it bribe the little c*** tease. Bet she drops her pants like the s*** she is. F*** her...

  • Did it get you hard?

  • Not hard but I was thinking what a nice little bum she had perfectly shaped.

  • Like to see hernaked?

  • Yes I would I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would love to see her naked.

  • Nasty Shitt pedos

  • Me too!

  • 12 year olds with long legs and a tight butt wearing leggings are such a turn-on. Some don't wear panties and I am sure they get aroused when you look at the outline of their camel toe beneath the leggings.

  • Yes to be honest I was looking at her camels toe when she was 10

  • Fuckoff pedos die

  • A good girl would have let you see it

  • I see her one summer and she was in a hot tub in a pair of knickers and T-shirt then she got out soaking wet an was skipping to get dry lol

  • F***** pedo

  • Fun to get her knix off!

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